Simon Says #79: Spiders! (Innistrad Flashback Draft)

Rarely has a single card warped a limited environment like Spider Spawning warped triple Innistrad Draft. With selfmill strategies dominating the format, it is easy to overlook how many viable and fun archetypes this multifaceted set has to offer.

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  1. Incorrectly flagged on the homepage as an article rather than a video series–but of course, no complaints about the content. Simon, your drafting and commentary are, as usual, excellent, and one of my favorite things on this site.

    Thank you for continuing to make MTGOAcademy a place I visit often.

  2. Man, you could have had a Charmbreaker Devils and Burning Vengance in your deck for a red splash if you had taken Devils over the 2nd traveler’s amulet (which is what i thought was going to be a snap-pick with a deck that mills). You would have had one amulet and a grotto to help with that too. Oh well.

  3. Simon, given your opponent had some very dangerous individual creatures in the deck, would it have been correct to sideboard in grasp of phantoms?