Standard Singleton: Fatnihilation!

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  1. The first video was kind of tedious to watch as you explained every single card and a lot of it felt unnecessary to me. Maybe just the special choices aside from a stock maindeck and sb would warrant explanation!

    Round 1 opponent’s deck seemed awful :-(

    I like the videos!

  2. R2G2 vs grixis control, you can not tectonic edge any of his lands because he only had 3 in play at the time. you also can not play the angel because you have 3 untapped lands, and then you play a TAPPED raging ravine, so you only have 4 mana with the cobra’s ability. against grixis, they don’t have as many sweepers so I can understand the play, however I might have held 1 of the two back. In fact, at that point in the game, I would have held the ranger and just activated the ravine by creating a red off the cobra for the grove coming into play. also you said you didnt know the cards in the format that well, so caldera hellion probably wasn’t on your mind!

    sorry for the multiple posts, but the videos load super slow for me for some reason, and I have to watch them separately but don’t want to forget what I see!

    Grixis seems like a tough matchup for you, you just don’t have enough card advantage to compete with it mid-late game in my opinion.

  3. In game 2, when you get cruel ultimatumed, you can activate the statuary and sacrifice it instead of the river boa.

  4. @ Aznsilly: You are correct I didn’t know the format at all at the time. This was my second go at STD singleton, but since then I have gained quite a bit of knowledge on the format as well as the cards. Also I recorded these videos right after 8 hours of tourney play late at night so I was very tiered when explaining my videos. Rest assured I don’t consider myself an expert on the format in any way. I have actually had very good success vs Grixis, but I do lose to it more than any other deck in the format.

    @ ENR: Thank you for pointing that out for me. I appreciate all comments especially play mistakes. I am always looking for ways to improve my game/skill level.

    Thanks for the comments and if you see anything else please feel free to comment.

  5. Good videos, the deck seems to do well against the more aggro decks, especially the goblins and vampires in there. But in late game against the controls it seems to slow down too much and your not able to cope. Not necessarily a bad thing, you just have to win with it before they can control the board and you drop down to topdecking.
    Good videos though, good detailed insight into the format and the deck being played.

  6. You missed a ton of Vengevine triggers.

    You missed two in round 3 Game 3 alone. Remember, you don’t have to cast both creatures after the vine is in the graveyard, you just have to cast your second creature of the turn while it is binned.

  7. @ SaiDes: If you can’t beat the control deck within the first 5 turns you are usually hosed unless you can pull through.

    @ Robin Russell: You are correct about the Vengevine triggers. If I remember correctly I played this event a week or so after ROE was released, and this was my first experience playing with Vengevine.

  8. I didn’t listen to the videos but watched them so you may have mentioned this. In Match 6 game 1 you could have activated the Dread Statuary, given it Prot. with Seriji Steppe and attacked which would have forced the Sovereigns of Lost Alara to block the Knight of Reliquary and die. Thus it would not have been able to grab the Eldrazi Conscription and you would have been left with a dominant board position.