Standard Spike: A Farewell, feat. the MTGO Cube

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(This week, Michael says goodbye to his contributor position at MTGO Academy. We’re sad to see him go, but we appreciate all the work he’s done for us and our fans over the course of his tenure, and we’re also glad that he will be working for Channel Fireball. So check him out at CFB, and join us in wishing him well.
–MTGO Academy Staff)

Twitter: @theshipitholla

  1. pity to see you leave, always enjoyed your vids, but congrats on going to cfb. also i hope to see you more on twitch.

  2. Now I have to watch your videos on that nightmare player on CFB? That’s so sad. I am down to only watching LSV on that site. I like several others, but not enough to deal with that player of theirs. I am sad to think that this may be the last video of yours that I can bear to watch. You will be missed.

  3. Thanks for all the great videos Michael. It’s been great having you here on MTGO and I hope the move to CFB is a positive one.

    Good luck in the future!

  4. do me a favor and keep uploading standard/modern/pauper videos when you move to cfb. right now that site has degraded into basically an endless supply of boring draft videos. any sort of constructed videos are a revelation on cfb.

  5. Goodbye, and a good start at CFB. They are getting some of the best constructed video content on the net.

  6. that was a pretty sweet draft, I hoped you would get an eldrazi monument too pack 3, but it wasnt meant to be :)
    Also I personally would have cut plow under over slime, slime gets rid of the land, instead of tempoing it, and is most of the time a much better topdeck than plow.
    Especially with nasty enchantments and artifacts that fill the cube.

    Good luck with CF in the future!

  7. Good luck at CFB, Your videos here have been excellent and thank you. You have PT wins in your future.

    ps. to second what Joey said, tell them they need to use a great video player like mtgoacademy please, theirs is god awful. Every magic-watching human being shares this opinion.

  8. hopefully mtgo academy will find a worthy replacement and i look forward to seeing your CFB videos despite the horrible player.

    Good Luck!

  9. I’ve enjoyed your series, and it’s been great writing for the same site. Hope we get to chat about Pauper more on MTGO sometime. Best of luck in the future!

  10. GL at CFB. Shame for MTGOAcademy to lose such high quality content, but at least you’ll still be recording.

  11. Channelfireball used to be the best place to get content, but it has really gone downhill. The video player is horrendous and everyone, except for lsv is mediocre at best. I understand that you will probably get more hits there, and I congratulate you for that, but I’m sure this site will miss your content. Even though I am not a fan of standard, or legacy for that matter, I always watched your videos. Good luck.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks mono-red is a terrible draft strategy? You have to draft a perfect deck to make it work. I can’t tell you how many times I have been knocked down to 5 or less life quick and then came back and won against red because it just stalls after the first few turns. If you don’t win quick, you are screwed. Done about 15 of these cube drafts and have beat every red deck I’ve come across.

  13. Most people consider mono-red the best cube strategy. It is closer to its constructed archetype equivalents than any other deck type because almost all of its cards are largely interchangeable with others – all it needs is aggressive creatures and burn to work. Other archetypes like GB rec-sur, reanimator, or white weenie are much more dependent on seeing particular cards at particular times, both during the draft and during the games.

    Additionally, people that are playing cube tend to be drawn to elaborate, slow, multi-colour good stuff decks, because they’re very fun to play. Mono red is by far the best archetype for punishing those awkward decks.

    All of that said, if you really want to beat mono red every match you can. If you stay in green, white or both and take walls and life gain, your matchup will be very favourable. It is just a fun/power level sacrifice most people aren’t willing to make.

  14. Thanks for all the support everyone! It’s been a great run and I’m really sad to go but also happy to start anew on ChannelFireball this week!! :D