Standard Spike: Blue-White Control in Legacy

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Twitter: @theshipitholla

  1. Nice vids thanks for the awesome content..

    1 thing.


    When you flip force of counter balance, why didn’t you respond after that by popping your top and drawing the force then counter the enchantment pitching clique?

  2. Hey dude,

    In R1G3, why didn’t you just sensei’s divining top to draw the force of will and then remove clique to counter pattern of rebirth to buy you an extra turn? I’m entirely new to this format, am I missing something obvious?

  3. In sideboarding between games 2 and 3 of match 1, you say that Humility is just better than Moat. Why is that?

  4. As others have said, you get priority after the Counterbalance ability resolves. You could have tapped the Sensei’s Divining Top to draw the FoW and exile clique from your hand to counter the enchantment.

    Maybe you should record replays? Talking about what you are doing seems to distract you.

  5. @Curioso.

    I didn’t see that match, and i’ll watch it when i get home, but nowadays humility is pretty much strictly better since everything that kills you is a delver, vclique, or giant flying legendary creature (gristlebrand/emrakul).

  6. Gotta be honest, the fact that you questioned whether your first opponent was a good player or not for no reason really doesn’t make you look to good. Also kind of curious why you think he should have known how you performed at a tournament? Should he recognize your name?

  7. Bobby, Michael is well known enough online as _ShipItHolla that it’s a fair assumption for him that other competitive players will recognize him. Since he won a tournament very recently playing a similar deck, he expected his Round 1 opponent to name a card from the decklist that he played in LA, rather than Show and Tell.

  8. You should try and not be so condescending all of the time. It’s really unbecoming especially for someone who’s known more for modo grinding rather than being a staple at the pro tour or GP top 8′s

  9. Yeah, R1G3 not tapping the top to draw the fow so you can counter the rebirth. just after saying that your opponent isnt a good player, you make a mistake that costs you the game :P how irronic

  10. and r4 g1, why not tutor for a EE and pop it for 0 on turn 3??? then his gobbos are all gone and you win the match :P

  11. Mr. Hetrick, I’ve seen you be such a thoughtful player, and I keep watching your videos because you rarely do something blatantly wrong. That said, I think what would have helped you the most in these videos is to get your finger off the F2 key. You considered the right plays, but by the time you thought of them you’d already passed priority.

  12. PlanetWalls, I certainly understand that a lot of people who pay attention to online videos and such would recognize him, but to assume everyone should know who you are is a different matter. I just take that attitude as rude and pompous. I may have recognized the name if I played him, but honestly how many people know every deck, every competitive player plays?

  13. @A fan. and Anthony: I might have just missed that. I don’t think I was paying enough attention. :/

    @Curioso: I meant in this specific matchup, where Humility shuts them off and Moat doesn’t help at all. They are both actually very good at what they do.

    @ContraEgo: I was not at my best this week. I think most players would prefer to watch as event occur but I do need to do a lot more focusing. Legacy can be pretty difficult.

    @Bobby: I’m not questioning if he’s good to insult him. I’m doing so because it helps me understand certain things he’s doing. It might have come off the wrong way though.

    In general, I expect a lot of my opponents to know what I’m playing because I post about that stuff a lot and in this case I had just won a well-known event.

    @JonJon: No problem. I was certainly off my game that night and I agree I need to fix a few things in my game, especially when recording.

  14. To be fair, the canadina guy did play r1g2 pretty bad when he beast withined the oring. They are both drawing from the top so getting back a xanthid swarm is only good if a) he draws some insane actions and b) shipit has drawn a counterspell.

    Its much, much better if he just gets a beast of his own and try to win as fast as possible.

  15. when you bring in Humility and board out Jace, how are you winning, exactly? An army of x/1′s? Because it seems to me that your R1 opponent wins that battle.