Standard Spike: Hot M11 Prerelease Action

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  1. Great video Shipit. I like the replay vids cause they go faster and you still manage to explain your thought while it’s going on. Excellent play for sure and congrats on the wins!

  2. Good videos.

    Match 1 breaks off for me at 6:44 unfortunately, so I never found out whether you made it out of the tough spot in game 3

  3. Only watched the dektek and it seemed quite clear which colors to be in from the start without much debate. W/R looked to be very strong with tons of trickzies and a of couple bombs. Black didnt provide enough to contend with white especially with all those double cc.

    I wouldve cut Clasm for Infantry Veteran or Safe Passage and possibly 2 Axe’s. I loved R/W in M10.
    You also could have entertained the possibility of going R/U/w or just R/U.

    I havent watched the matches but im sure you did fine with several powerful cards.
    Im one who prerfers to watch real-time instead of replays. If its replays then Id rather have no sound. Idk why though.


  4. I can understand the use of replays with commentary. I would not be motivated to keep watching them though. Its just the feeling of “I could watch these whenever I’m in mtgo”.

    I do like the commentary. Your reasoning is pretty sound in most games. Although I disagree with not bolting pegasus as it was his only avenue of attack, and he plays lots of 4 toughness guys in his deck.

  5. I know you said you were tired but there were alot of play mistakes in those games. I don’t recomend doing videos when you can’t concentrate.

  6. Wow, that cardpool was just comical…I don’t think anyone even stood a chance frankly.

  7. Fun video. I like the live videos much more than the replays though. It’s the difference between watching a sports event live compared to watching an extensive highlight reel. Live games are much more entertaining, exciting, and engaging.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback guys! I didn’t realize how tired I was when doing the event, but at the same time, the way fatigue affects players is part of the game and is something that should be addressed. In Amsterdam the time difference is going to be quite devastating and playing under similar circumstances is part of my preparation. I definitely don’t like making mistakes on video, but I would much rather have some experience playing fatigued than not.

    As for live vs. prerecorded, I think I will do something like 2 lives for every 1 prerecorded. In last week’s vid I was running out of time in a match and that is not something that should happen if I can prevent it. That’s what led me to do a prerecorded vid this week. I’ll try to work on the time constraints issue though and just do certain ones live and certain prerecorded. But personally, I think prerecorded is better. There is less dead air, and the overall gameplay is much faster (when I play against a slow opponent I have to pause recording every so often in live mode).

  9. I liked this fine, althouh the first match stopped a little before the game was over. I mean it was obvious what was going to happen, but still…

    And I agree with the commenters that say it was obvious you were going to go White/Red. It was just so good. I like the green splash though.

  10. Thanks for the video!

    I really appreciate these Sealed/Draft videos, however, I agree w/ poster Steve above.

    I also like the live videos much, much better than the pre-recorded playbacks. I think the moment to moment thought processes come across much better live, and those are some of the most important aspects for learning.

    Thanks again for these!! :)

  11. Hot mythics and fireball and 2 pacifisms! Since my computer with MTGO broke, this is the first I’ve seen of M11 sealed deck events, so that’s pretty sweet! Good job

  12. The Spitfire’s actually pretty gd, it blocks most flyers, deals extra damage out of nowhere that few extra points you get out of it usually straight out wins you the game