Standard Spike: Pauper DE with UR Post

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  1. Match 2, Game 1 is precisely the reason that I play Rolling Thunder. That kind of situation comes up more often than you might expect; the UB post decks can kill all your threats, same as the postless UB teachings decks, as well as mono B and UB rats.

    As much as I love Firebolt, I don’t know if I could play this deck without at least two Flame Slash main. Razor Golem, Spire Golem, Myr Enforcer, Carapace Forger, Kor Skyfisher, Mogg Flunkies and Mutagenic Growth are all heavily played cards, and Flame Slash deals with all of them more easily than spending six mana to Firebolt and flash it back.

    Negate can’t counter Spellstutter Sprite which counters all of your removal; and at worst, Pyroblast is an StP against blue creatures.

    But hey, you did 4-0, so who am I to judge.

  2. round 1 is only 14 minutes long and stops in the middle of game 2, is there something wrong on my end or did it just not record properly?

  3. Teenie says some solid stuff. I really like the thunder, maybe instead of the signet? I do think it is a very interesting version of the deck.

  4. Hmmm… I thought I made sure all these videos were working. Let me work on it, and hopefully the full vid will be up soon. My suspicion is that the game ends very shortly after the 14:00 mark, though.

  5. Hey I played you in a 2 man, and you 2-1′d my burn deck with this deck I believe… I played 6 matchups in the 2 man qeues that day, and roughly half were U/R Post. I think it’s great more people are starting to play pauper, but the rise in cloudpost decks to seemingly higher levels is really oppressive as a player who likes playing, and playing against, different decks. The metagame may sort itself out eventually, and hopefully it doesn’t have to come to cloudpost vs. anything that can beat it metagame. I’ve retired my post deck, as to not be a hypocrite, and I’ll “post” a proposal to you and everyone who reads this…


  6. I would like to see the same thing happen in Pauper that happened in Modern, which is the banning of Cloudpost. Like Gnarles said above, it is getting a little boring playing against Post, especially when it seems like it’s 50% or more of my opponent’s decks.

  7. I’ve been playing the following list to colossal success, since M13. It started with me asking myself “What if I went all in on Ghostly Flicker?” After rejecting the MBCu Rats/Wall combo (has terrible tempo problems) and the bUw Familiar/Temporal route (easily disrupted), I ended up with this. I know it looks like a total pile, but I swear to you it is very good. In probably 300 matches now (~100 2 man’s) I have literally never lost to WW or MBC/MBCu for instance. If you’d like to hear more about it, I’m eager to talk about it.

    2x Condescend
    4x Mulldrifter
    2x Mnemonic Wall
    2x Deep Analysis
    4x Ghostly Flicker
    3x Seagate Oracle
    4x Cloud of Faeries
    2x Grapeshot
    4x Firebolt
    4x Faithless Looting
    4x Prophetic Prism
    2x Snap
    3x Izzet Boilerworks
    7x Island
    5x Mountain
    4x Cloudpost
    4x Glimmerpost

  8. I’ve had strong success in 2-man’s, but I believe the deck would be even better in dailies. This because people disproportionately play the 4-minute-match decks in 2-mans (storm, poison) and those are my worst matchups.
    I can’t do dailies because I’m a busy father/career man. But I’d encourage others to try it.

  9. By the way, Gnarlesbury, you’re in luck. The Pauper meta will certainly change (not to exclude Post variants) to include a number of 3-color decks, I think, now that there will be Gates in RtRavnica.

  10. Super excited for the gate lands! The gates will certainly shake things up and make more 2 and 3 color decks viable. These lands will be a big boost toward this great format’s viability!

  11. Would love to see you play this deck in another daily where you don’t hit the mirror match so often. In particular, I’d like to see/hear your thoughts on the matchup with Storm-themed decks. I’ve noticed the UR Goblin Storm seems to be quite effective in the dailies…

  12. I doubt the Ravnica gates will have a huge impact on Pauper. The format already has Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, and the Karoo lands. The only competative three color deck is Familiar Storm. The gates might see play in post variants as a replacement to the fetches, but they aren’t fast enough to allow three color decks to compete with Goblins, Infect, and non infect Mono-G, (and possibly the new War Falcon WW variants), not to mention Storm.

  13. A few thoughts,

    Rolling Thunder being immune to removal is not a big issue for this deck. It can still be countered in applicable matchups and more importantly, this deck usually is capable of locking your opponent out if it needs to or even just saving the Crusher repeatedly. That says to me that I’d rather have the one that is better elsewhere, which I think is Crusher.

    I might try out something else sometime. This format is mostly decks that just try to attack for 20 or 10 as fast as possible (or deal 20 with a Grapeshot). I’m not particularly fond of either of those strategies so I’ll have to go digging for something else that I like.

    I think the Gates might be too slow for this format. UR Post is poised to get the most advantage out of a Gate, but it already plays 4 taplands and can’t afford to be too slow. There’s no doubt I’ll add some to the deck but Idk how impactful they’ll really be in a format this fast (Evolving Wilds argument also applies).

    I think that, depending on Wizards’ outlook on the format, we could see more bannings in the near future. Invigorate, Cloudpost, and Grapeshot could all be considered IMO, but as I said, it just depends on their outlook on the format.

  14. Wizards has actively worked against Pauper as a legitimate format. Most notably, their recent decision to cut Daily events in half. A very strange decision with Pauper being second in popularity only to Standard at the time. I don’t think we will see bannings because Grapeshot, Cloudpost, Invigorate, have been a problem for literally years and nothing has been done. Why now, if they have decided to reduce events rather than promote the format.

  15. The gates are strictly better than karoos because of the extreme time walk when they are targeted by opponents early game. Not to mention the awkward all karoo draw mulligans.

    They may just be additions to expans/wilds, but they don’t pull lands from your deck which may be a desired effect early game. This seems good whether it be aggro midrange or control…

    Earlier access to more colors with less early game impact seems good to me. I could be wrong…