Standard Spike: Revisiting Blue-White Control

Round 1

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Round 2

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Round 3

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Round 4

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  1. Love your videos.

    The ascension deck is actually pretty good, but I think your opponent played very poorly. Any kind of control is normally a bye for it.

  2. Your vids are getting better each time.
    One can really see your improvements as a player and your comments are always interesting.
    Hope to see more standard and some scars action.

  3. Boarding out Wrath vs MonoRed shows plain misunderstanding of the matchup. especially when u leave two spreadingseas in.

  4. I agree your vids do get better each time…
    I don’t know for sure about this but i have heard the ascension decks
    use kiln fiend as a transformative side… that guy obviously didn’t though
    Also the side board for that match i thought that flashfreeze could have been good
    But i guess rebuttal was probably better

  5. You definitely should have tapped his frost titan with yours in the last game of the last match. huge mistake on your part.

  6. I watched these videos to see who the famous Shipitholla was, and boy was I disappointed. You are really a terrible player. Tighten up your game if you’re gonna show this stuff to people. What a letdown.

  7. @ largebrandon – He can’t tap the opposing Frost Titan when he plays his own – he had to pay for the mana leak and only had one mana left over afterwards. If he targeted the Titan he would have had to have two mana or the ability would have been countered.

    It seemed to me like volition reignsing the second inactive assenstion was a bit greedy under the circumstances (at 28 life with a leak in hand).

  8. Nice constructive criticism, Mario, on the off chance that you have the balls to come back to this page and read this

  9. I agree… i’ve watched a few of these videos, and you are truly a pretty poor player…

    do they let anyone write on this site?

  10. You can tectonic edge spreading seas’ed mountains and just win. Also grats on the top 8 ptq in SAC even though you didnt win. I would say too bad but 3/5 of my car was in top 8. GL

  11. think it’s worth pointing out that the haters lack any content in their criticism, either of shipit’s play or of anything else.

    this is exactly the sort of thing I like to watch, loved it. I know standard is not an active format in competitive play right now, but I love the format and it’s shaping up to be an interesting meta. Also, there are a ton of places online where one can watch draft/sealed videos, standard is harder to come by. doing things like this, singleton, etc, carves out a niche for mtgoacademy, otherwise it could be (maybe uncharitably) described as ChannelFireball without all the stars. so keep it up, and this fan will be watching.

  12. I’ll agree with Pechorin in saying that most of these comments have no backing in them, but there are some pretty obvious mistakes in the games. The biggest, I should think, is not tapping down the enemy Frost Titan R4G3.

    I’m sure a lot of the mistakes are because of the time of the recording and the headache you had, but those are things you could avoid. All I can say is that hopefully the next vids will be recorded at a more reasonable hour. Good luck, I’ll be watching.

  13. I appreciate the criticism, whether or not constructive. Everyone makes mistakes at times, and unfortunately for me I make them on camera. I seem to be playing worse while recording and I don’t really know of a good way to remedy that other than to record replays, but most people would rather see live games, and replays miss out on sideboarding and accurate train of thought recollection. I would ask that you please point out mistakes if you’re going to make comments on them.

    @dlab: Well to tell the truth I don’t really know the matchup that well. This was one of the first events I’d played with new UW and SOM for that matter. I didn’t feel that I wanted to tap out for Day and have them land a Koth or Masticore, but you’re right, it’s probably better than Spreading Seas.

    @zac: Flashfreeze could come in, but I did bring in plenty of other counters so didn’t feel I needed to add a narrow one in addition.

    @RoninX: Yeah that was pretty greedy. At the time I felt that an active Ascension was the only way he good win. Didn’t see the Frost Titan coming, but at least I will be more prepared for it from now on.

  14. @Muthy: RoninX is correct in saying that had I done that the ability would have been countered due to the opposing Frost Titan’s ability.

    For anyone who wants to discuss the evolution of the deck, I’ve made a post in the forum with my current decklist:

    And if you want to make your own thread for another deck, feel free and maybe we can get some discussion going.

  15. I recorded myself once and I played like shit. I think the reason is that you feel obligated to also entertain your audience and so you aren’t 100% focused on the game.

  16. Small issue, but in Match 4 game 2 you mul’d to 6 and lead with a glacial fortress despite having a plains and island in hand. In the situation it made literally zero difference but leading with the plains has to be the correct play there right? I mean there is no situation where you prefer a tapped land over an untapped one even if there are absurdly few situations where an untapped land matters.

    Seriously nitpicking there, but you seem serious enough about getting better that even small things like this should matter to you. It’s much less about the play itself, and more about the mindset of optimal play.

    PS – Really love your videos, and re: your comment in the first video (iirc) I would love to see you tackle SoM draft.

    PSS – What are your thoughts on Venser, the Sojourner in this deck? His +2 synergizes amazingly with all of your creatures except Linvala (not a big deal) and any time he ultimates there is next to zero chance you lose the game. The only issue I see is that there are still some pretty solid reasons to run the Jace compliment you have and you don’t really have any other spots for yet another Planeswalker.

  17. I consider playing Glacial Fortress on turn 1 the correct play. It enables you to have access to either UU or WW on turn 2. The only reason to lead with Plains or Island over it is for Condemn or Spell Pierce, which if I had I would do.

    I tried Venser knowing that its only good against the mirror/UB and RG Valakut, and I didn’t like it. Tapping out for it in either of those matchups is rarely worth it. A 5 drop that makes your 6 drops better isn’t something that I really want to play.

  18. I see where you’re going but there is no turn two UU play in your deck and I can’t think of one you could rep in your deck in game 2 that is believable (tho that might just be lack of imagination on my part), and there certainly isn’t one after you tap out to play Kor (There isn’t much of anything he could do to change that plan there).

    Turn – Mana Available – Plays & Reps
    Turn 1 – W – Condemn
    Turn 2 – W, U/W – Kor, Wall of Omens
    Turn 3 – W, U/W, U – Lots of stuff

    Like I said, I totally admit I am nitpicking, but I’m pretty confident that it is a strictly inferior play in that spot in your deck.

    On the Venser, yeah =/ you’re 100% correct, I went and playtested it a bit after I posted that…it really just is an awful fit in terms of tempo (among other issues) in your deck. Prolly should have tested it before I said anything but in my defense I still think it looks like it should work on the surface…oh well, live and learn.