Store Policy

At MTGO Academy, our goal is to take care of our customers, and your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have questions or need clarification on the order process or other store-related issues, please email us at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com and we will try to assist you as quickly as possible.


Please note that any orders under a price of $4.99 will incur an additional $0.70 fee to cover our PayPal-related expenses. If you would like to avoid this fee, just return to shopping and add additional products to bring your total to $4.99 or above! (Trust us— 70¢ can buy a lot of cool Magic Online cards!)


PayPal Verification


We ask for patrons with large orders or with multiple orders to have their PayPal accounts verified for our mutual protection. You can read about PayPal verification here. We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders made by accounts that are not verified.


Digital Products


At the moment, almost all of our products are digital products for the game Magic: The Gathering Online by Wizards of the Coast. Most are NOT physical paper products unless specifically stated otherwise, so you will need a Magic: The Gathering Online account to receive and enjoy what you've ordered from us. Information for starting a Magic Online account can be found on our tutorials page and on the official Magic Online website. (If you don’t currently play Magic Online, we would highly recommend trying it out!)


Ordering More Than 4 of a Particular Card


Please contact us at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com or in-game before ordering more than 4 of a single card name (except basic lands, Shadowborn Apostle, or Relentless Rats). All our products are available in limited quantities, and we reserve the right to cancel an order if we suspect abusive behavior for any reason.


Returns & Cancellations


We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders for any reason. Products that are mispriced and do not reflect the actual current market value of the product will be delivered at our own discretion.


A customer may cancel an order at any time before delivery (or before shipping in the case of the few physical items we offer), and its cost will be refunded to the customer. MTGO Academy does not offer returns on digital products. Physical items may be returned within 7 days of receipt if they are still sealed, and the cost of shipping will be deducted from the refund.


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