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Marin Baraba (AKA: Plejades)
MTGO Academy Founder/Contributor
Twitter: @MTGOAcademy

Dear Magic: The Gathering fan,

I created this site out of the desire to provide a premium destination for Magic Online strategy videos, articles, and news.

I have been playing Magic since Arabian Nights was fresh on the shelves, back when Time Walk was just another good rare to crack from a booster. I have since watched Magic evolve from a geek game with no organized play to a mass phenomenon with a Pro Tour and online community. I have played many different games over the last decade, but the strategic depth, collectible nature, and amazing variety of Magic has kept a hold on me.

Whether you are a beginner looking to watch a casual match to catch some ideas for your own deck, or if you are a competitive player interested in the current Standard metagame, you have come to the right place. MTGO Academy offers players tournament constructed, limited, and even casual articles and videos covering the gamut of everything Magic. From time to time you will even catch me providing some of the videos and articles. Who knows, maybe you will even find yourself in one of the videos, playing against me or one of our contributors!

We are constantly striving to expand the Academy with more fun and informative content and features. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions, ideas, or would like to contribute with some strategic or entertaining content.

I hope that you enjoy MTGO Academy as much as I have developing it!

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Chris Kuehl (AKA: ChrisKool)
Twitter: @MTGOAcademy


Admist a slow stream of contribution, I am busy whispering sweet nothings in the ears of the masses and duct-taping random hyperlinks in the MTGO Academy pipeworks. If you have a content contribution idea or any other needs/requests of me, send me a message!

I’m also a semi-competitive MTGO denizen that loves the Highlander/Singleton formats. I am a sucker for any format that is underplayed, as I am a deck builder at heart. Most of my contributions are centered around the Weekend Challenge Singleton format(s) and specifically deck lists for those events.

I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering since before Legends was released (as a 10 year old kitchen table warrior), but only during Urza’s Destiny did I start following the competitive scene. During Invasion and Odyssey Blocks, I had the pleasure of playing with many high quality players (including this site’s esteemed editor) in the central Indiana area. The experiences taught me one predominant lesson: I have a lot to learn.

I hope you all enjoy watching my continuing Magical education and that you’ll consider joining the MTGO Academy team as a teacher or a fellow student.

Click here to see a list of my articles and videos, and click here to see my video series, co-hosted with PlanetWalls!

Michael Lorenz (AKA: Rigel) + Sam
“Bits & Bytes Geek”

Hello everyone!

My contributions for the site are neatly arranged strings of ones and zeros that work in the backend to provide everyone with a smooth running website. I only recently joined the online version of Magic but have been slinging cardboard for over 10 years now. I am a casual player at heart and enjoy Highlander decks and funny flavor texts.

Bernhard Lindner (AKA: Silicomancer)
IT Magician

Hello folks,

I am the resident “undercover coder” and the products of my efforts are slowly integrated into the Academy. I am developing many interesting tools and improvements. If you haven’t done so already download my first creation “MtGNotifier” from our tools page.


A. J. Goldman (AKA: PlanetWalls)
Content Manager/Editor/Contributor
Twitter: @PlanetWalls or @MTGOAcademy

Hi! As the content manager and primary editor at MTGO Academy, I ensure that the Magic content published on the front page of our site is up to as high of quality standards as possible. Though much of my work involves making sure that our articles read smoothly and videos play cleanly, I also try to make substantive suggestions to our contributors when I can.

I’ve played Magic: The Gathering off and on since 4th Edition, though only on kitchen tables until Invasion Block. In my spare time (i.e., when I’m not doing my schoolwork), I draft frequently, think about the elements of Magic design, and decide which 100-Card Singleton deck I would pilot if I could find the time to sit down to play in a DE. My only competitive Magic accomplishment was piloting a tuned Gifts Ungiven variant (running 2x Shizo, Death’s Storehouse) to the runner-up position at a Kamigawa Block Constructed PTQ in 2005.

Click here to see a list of my videos and articles, click here to see my video series, co-hosted with ChrisKool, and click here to play the exhaustive Magic set quiz which I maintain at Sporcle!

Jason Moore (AKA: BambooRush)
Weekend Customer Service and Delivery/Contributor/Assistant Editor
Twitter: @dimecollectorsc

Hi everyone!

My contributions are primarily found on the front page in the form of written Pauper articles and video content, but I’ve also started managing orders and making deliveries from our online store.

I’ve been familiar with Magic: The Gathering since I was a kid, but never actually learned the game until the summer of 2010. I’ve grown to enjoy the Pauper format quite a bit, and have consistently generated Pauper content via my YouTube page and podcast since the beginning of 2012. I also post Pauper content at

I live in California, and some of my passions include writing, film, and the electric guitar. It’s been a pleasure to contribute to the Academy and interact with our readership. Enjoy the site!

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