1. Sweet article. How is the Pod matchup? I think Shouta played Cage primarily for that matchup, and not to stop graveyard sheanigans

  2. Pod is a fine matchup. Against Kiki-Pod, I boarded -4 Vial -1 Witness, and +3 Grudge +2 Combust. Against Melira Pod, I did the same thing except I brought in the Crypts instead of Combusts. Basically you are a control deck that eventually wins with a Cryptic alpha strike. Oh, and Electrolyze is FANTASTIC in this matchup because it mops up their manadorks.

  3. Is red necessary, you say the deck is complicated, getting rid of red would make it simpler. You could replace electrolyze with ratchet bomb?

  4. Burt, I think cutting red is a big mistake for two reasons: 1.) electrolyze nets you a card is an instant, where as ratchet bomb takes time to click up and then your opponent can play around what they play. 2.) I think the loss of red also hurts his match ups due ti the loss of lightning bolt and we all know that it is a cheap premier removal spell. bit in his sideboard would be greatly injured for the reasons he in the discusses in the article. This is just my opinion but I’m also just getting back into modern so i may be way off but as far as I can see his the deck list looks fine.

  5. How would you say the deck does against fast RG Aggro or Zoo? It must’ve done fairly well with winning a recent PTQ. Would you change your sideboard to address this?

  6. I really liked this article. I have been playing eternal command for almost two months now and have experienced a lot of the things you mentioned. The first hard lesson i had to learn was correctly getting/setting up lands. My big issue with the deck currently in my meta is beating the UWR midrange deck as it is really hard to operate around early geist when they have removal for all of your blockers. How did you go about playing that matchup?

  7. The GR aggro decks got big after I won the ptq and turned my attention away from modern. UWR was getting popular at that time, but I didn’t play against it much so didn’t make a sideboard for it. I think it would be able to handle GR aggro with Threads from the board. UWR seems tougher, but Phantasmal Image would probably be a good board card against them. Tuning for the current meta is your task ;)

  8. Thirst for knowledge lets you put spells into your graveyard for Snapcaster to dig out. And allows you to get the useless cards out of your hand without having to waste a Clique to do it. Instant speed compensates for extra mana. Allows you to cast at the end step. You’re right about Tarmogoyf getting bigger when putting Visions in the yard asap, but on turn 3 Vial should be at 2, you can discard 2 cards and cast Goyf at the end of turn 3 potentially making it even bigger.