The Observor: Screw Rubik, We’ve Got Our Own Cube

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  1. I’ve actually tried to make a balanced tribe-based cube for years. It’s hard to have a good amount of synergy, and tune it so that one tribe isn’t too overpowered from the others. I may try to pick it up again some day. Cubing is always a good time :)

  2. I worked on my cube all of Last GenCon, fidning cards needed and making changes, only to come home and not have it played for months.

    It was a sad time. I wish MTGO had something like this.

  3. The day they get Cube functionality set up for MTGO, I’ll host a Cube draft on my account. Unfortunately, we may be waiting a while for that :(

  4. I bet they could set it up in a few ways- casually, or even have an official Wizards cube that has tons of insane stuff, but the players don’t keep the cards. Moderate entry fee, and prize would be for packs. Get in touch with them Nate! :)

  5. The article said: “The consensus first pick of the Cube is Sol Ring, followed quickly by Black Lotus.”
    No love for Library of Alexandria, the *real* best card in cube?

    p.s. Your problems with aggro might be due to not enough aggro support in your cube? You have alot of the staple guys, but are missing Sarcomancy, Lacerator and Student.