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Here you can find useful tools and downloads relating to Magic. We will add more material in the future, so be sure to check back for updates. All downloads are free for members! No viruses, malware, or other crap (we can guarantee this only for downloads directly from our website)!

MtG Notifier NEW v0.11! Updated June 21st, 2013

MtG Notifier currently has very limited functionality for the V4 client. Our tech team is working on an update.

MtG Notifier is a small but smart PC utility that generates a customizable sound effect when someone sends you a message in game or initiates a trade request. MtG Notifier can also automatically maximize the MTGO client window and bring it to the front if desired. It has new features such as:

MtG Notifier Version 0.02Symbols1. An MTGO Server Status icon in the taskbar that allows you to check whether Magic Online is up or down at any time (without having to search for downtime announcements).

2. A new feature that allows you to type or enter hundreds of Magic: the Gathering symbols such as regular mana symbols, Phyrexian mana symbols, hybrid mana symbols, all expansion symbols, and various special symbols into any chat or classified message with a simple double click! We updated this feature with all new expansion symbols and more.

3. Settings memory: The new version of notifier remembers your previous settings and, if desired, loads them again when started. There are multiple options for customizing your experience

4. New update window: Never miss important information again! Customize the type of news you want to get and the update frequency.

The installation is fast and easy, and the program will take up only a little space on your hard-drive. Try it today!


About the author:

Bernhard Lindner recently joined the Magic Online community and is eager to bring digital improvements to the masses. His hobbies include clever programming code, Magic, science fiction, and electronics in various forms. During the development of this software, he was supported by Michael Lorenz, whose relentless hours of stress testing hardware and software made bug-hunting a breeze.