Top Ten MTGO Beginner Mistakes

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  1. Lol I read most of it and got to like not using free bots (which i abuse to the fullest); didn’t read anything but the captions after that then saw #10 and went back and read them.

  2. Very good article. I use some of the resources listed off in this article multiple times even though I’ve been playing MTGO for years. Perfect guide for new players.

  3. great idea and execution for an article. wish I had read this a year ago when I first started on MtGO. one issue… you recommend using MTGO Academy’s online store for price comparisons, but the most recent cards listed in the store are from NPH! any plans to update with M12 and ISD-block cards soon?

  4. @beardo: We are going to update the store inventory in the near future, yes. In case you need prices for the most recent sets the other resources mentioned are a good reference. Glad you liked the article. :-)

  5. i loved the article. I have been on MTGO for 2 years now and know this but it was a great link for all my friends who have just started on MTGO as it teaches them how to do it properly.!

  6. Great article!

    I would just add as a resource to search for cards, bots, and prices as well.

  7. I’ve been looking for an article like this for ages! Thank you so much. The advice given is really good and every beginner should read and take into account. I spent around 20 dollars to get myself a deck only to find out it’s not allowed in the standard format. The deck is great but I wish I could use to play in standard. I haven’t opened the booster pack yet because someone told me not to. I was curious as to why and now I found the reason. Good thing I didn’t open it. One question, when does the season start and end? I’m aware that standard format decks have a life span but I have no idea when banned cards/decks are given out, etc. Any help would be appreciated and thank you again for this comprehensive and helpful article :)

  8. The Magic 13 core set was released in July of this year I believe and the set has 3 expansion 1st being Return to Ravnica released Oct 15th, 2012 and the last set of this block i believe will be released April or May 2013. Then the M14 set will be released again a year from the M13 release

  9. Hi everyone.
    I am expirienced player in real magic, I have started few weeks ago playing MTGO.
    I have made one huge mistake, mistake number one:
    1. Buying booster packs and opening them to get cards
    Believe my, I have spend to much money for them. Cheeper would be even to buy separate tickets and trade with players to create your tournament deck.

    I have managed to create it, but had to buy few more tickets to do that.

    Don’t make that mistake!

    p.s. Plejades, very good list! Good job!
    Kind Regards

  10. I have bought an M13 DECKBUILDER TOOLKIT 300 random cards and a few handpicked from mana leak. I have bought 6 booster’s as well and pulled Tamiyo,Angel of Senrenitiy and Sphinx’s Revelation.

  11. I don’t know what ORCs you are talking to, but they are different from the ones I have had the displeasure of interacting with. They are the worst customer service I have ever dealt with, always treat players(not just myself) like garbage, harass people constantly for little to no reason, and have incredibly poor rules knowledge that they liberally throw out and ruin peoples’ games. My advice to a new person would be GET OUT NOW before you’ve invested so much money into it that you feel trapped and have to play in an environment that makes you miserable. Like if you were at an actual tournament and the officials all heckled the players.

  12. TaaNop, I cannot confirm your observation. I have always found that you reap what you saw. If you converse politely and with respect ORCs do provide useful information and treat you well. The exception confirms the rule – but that is just my opinion. Enjoy the game!

  13. Thanks for the read and tips bud. Trying out MTGO for the first time and having minimal knowledge of the game, I am overwhelmed by the amount thinking that goes into not just playing the game but what surrounds it as to how you approach it. With my slim knowledge of only playing on Xbox for a limited time. I am hopeful that your article is true and will be very beneficial in what I hope to be a long term commitment to the game. Look forward to finding other useful info you have out there.

  14. Great read an hour into the game now and this has answered most of my initial questions . Thanks for the help

  15. This is very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to help out the beginners like this.

  16. Been playing cardboard crack for about 18 years, but MTGO about 3 weeks now. Found this when searching for keyboard shortcuts. I knew they existed, and I needed to learn them. Interestingly, trading is the other thing I’ve not done at all yet and need to learn. This article looks dead on to me.

  17. Probably one of the most useful articles for MTGO noobs ever written! Thanks a bunch for this awesome free content!!

  18. According to the ORC there new player room no longer exists. What’s the next best thing to try out decks etc. before you buy the cards?

  19. With the new version of MTGO, has the format for Block and Standard switched around? So I guess if it has switched, we should start off in the Standard instead of Block?

  20. @DFam: Both of the formats are a good starting point. In general Standard has more diversity then Block but includes more sets. It is mostly a matter of taste – many play both once they have aquired the cards for it. Have fun playing!

  21. I don’t really play this game on computer and I need to know if you need to save after building a deck and how to save or if there is auto save! BTW my brother Tom would do this game to test decks and cards before he actually bought them in real life. Just… putting that out there

  22. Love the article. I’ve been playing Magic for a month now and I’m SO addicted to it. I’m an instant fan of this site.