Upheaval: Bant and Variations (100CS Tournament Prep)

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  1. Good call phobos, definetly going to bookmark it.
    Just remember that they use a different ban list from 100 Card Singleton.

  2. Thats true Slug, BUT they have a lot of similarities in the banned list! I think, judged from the current metagame, there are no huge differences (Besides Demonic Tutor, Lftl, Intuition, Sensei Top etc. -> that turned out to be “OK” in the current creature/curve- heavy meta). Due to the fact, that you’re allowed to play Birthing Pod (BP got banned from the format in europe, cause it created such a huge CA) :-), this brings me to the conclusion that you have to test out a “Pattern Rector”- mechanic based deck! It’s awesome.

    Regards from Germany :-)

  3. Very interesting and didactic article, good job mate, i hope you can show more of your knowledge in more articles.

    Congrats slug.!!!!!!

  4. I have awakened!

    So, listen, as I have a few things to say, after adjusting my crown of sparrows:

    1.) Bant is never an easy build; there’s a ton of great cards… which is the prob. You can lose focus. Kool and I worked on Bant religiously, and none of the builds were ever as good as Naya–esp. in the ‘geddon dept. You try to play spot removal, counters, awesome guys… your deck will always be over, and, if you cannot balance it accordingly, it will not be as good as cutting white and just playing U/G 9 times out of 10.

    2.) If you are playing green, and you play ‘geddon, not playing Terravore is silliness. That card, hands down, equates a brutal death when played correctly. In a format where most people play as many fetch lands as possible, and you can reinforce this with your own ‘geddon-like spells (see: Ruination), this guy craps down Progenitus’ many throats.

    3.) Kudos on this article and trying to bring back this format, which was ruined in the hands of its creators. I finally am ill at the thought of playing Commander. Maybe I will come win this thing and be mean to most of you, while shaking my head at your deck choices.

  5. BTW: my comment is for those who will, inevitably, start tweaking themselves into a pile of nonsense, not yours, dearest OP.

  6. I am glad you have waken up Travis ready to battle.
    From personal experience U/G is kind of vulnerable to Goblins and RDW, and Zoo isn’t an easy matchup either (at least a version of U/G deck I played based around Winter Orb and Oppostion). I think Bant has a better matchup against these deck.
    About Terravore you might be right, I just didn’t want to change much your deck (hope you didn’t shake your head too many times while looking at it). Maybe I focused too much on the double green tax.
    Looking forward to fight old 100 Card Singleton buddies, it is going to be awesome.

  7. Hey hey!

    So I played in some 2-mans last night, and was up 2-1 with some weird Doran deck I built, which I think I shall be thusly tearing down in the coming days; Junk is just too weird of a deck to play in this format, me thinks.

    In terms of Terravore, it’s easier, with all the fetches and duals, to hit a third color than often hitting a second. This may not be true of hitting a double cost in a splash color, but, oh the mama (I meant that, “the mama”), can you really bash someone’s face in if you have the countermagic to back this one up.

    I’s been so long since I have even considered this/had Commander on the brain that I am slowly remembering what is good/available in this format. Kudos on the artikool.

  8. Really happy to see some articles about this format. I was getting sick of playing 1v1 commander and trying to have fun, but not being able to since you’re forced to play all the broken crud if you hope to win a few.

    100 CS has a much better banned list.