Magic 2013 Core Set Visual Spoiler (Complete)

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  1. I love the visual spoiler on Mtgo Academy. A little ahead of the mothership with recent updates and every card has a nice, clear picture.

  2. hello DIabolic Revelation meet my EDH deck your now my new best friend…..cabal coffers and you are made for each other!!! This Core set looks like much better than core sets of past besides Alpha/beta/revised I love my duals!!!!

  3. M10 and M11 were great, M12 has been the only recent dud, and that primarily because it was both boring and high variance.

    I’ll second Joey: Rancor is so sweet.

  4. Looks like a blast for limited. The power level of the uncommons is a bit higher than normal though and I think it is going to be one of those formats that you just win with overly powerful rares.

  5. M11 looked better, but is def better than that POS m12

    excellent that titans are gone.

    Also is Zage a chick? Looks like a chick.

  6. In past visual spoilers there used to be a counter showing the number of cards spoiled thus far (i.e. – 167/250). That was handy to see if anything new was spoiled since your last visit.

  7. Oh shit; green is gonna be ‘tarded! Rancor and some little tutor guy with the new Widebeests! BIP!

  8. @quest: I tried to change my profile picture, but I couldn’t find where and just decided to forget about it since I doubted anyone cared. I’ll try again ;)

    And sorry, not a chick.

  9. Why are do the newest spoilers look fuzzy, off-center, and terrible? Was that done on purpose?

  10. We only spoil cards that have been visually spoiled by Wizards in some fashion. Those particular cards were spoiled in formats and then spread around the Internet in such a way that those are the clearest cropped images I could get for now. Definitely not on purpose, but knowingly.

  11. Thanks – that makes sense! I was curious, because I hadn’t seen that until now.

  12. Glad to see the duals are back :D I’m curious about the new artifact land fetcher. I would love to see that there’s a cycle of them in the traditional tricolors!

  13. My super-literal ranslation for Beruhrung:

    Touch of Eternity 5WW
    Enchantment – Rare
    At the beginning of your upkeep, count the permanents that you control. Your life total turns into this number.

  14. @ Maestro, the Gem of Becoming is mostly there for falvor reasons – the three colors it fetches are those associated with Nicol Bolas, and the Gem belongs to the elder dragon.
    However, it might have intresting applications in case the shocklands are reprinted in Return to Ravnica (something that several cards in m13, like Farseek and the new Liliana, seem to hint about).

  15. @Carrotus – Aw, that’s unfortunate. It seems like a great opportunity for a cycle.

    That’s certainly an interesting thought! I’ve missed out on the pain lands a couple of times (even when I had access to them in Onslaught – sad to say I was too much of a noob to see their utility at the time xD)

  16. The creature cycle is interesting – I really like the elephant, the boar, and the bird. Another card I think may be deceptively strong is War Falcon. In limited it will depend on how many soldiers and/or knights there are, for sure, and it seems that white at least has plenty.

  17. Handelsposten =

    Trading Post (4)
    Artifact – Rare
    1, T: Discard a card: You gain 4 life.
    1, T: Pay 1 life: Put 0/1 white Goat creature token onto the battlefield.
    1, T: Sacrifice a creature: Return target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.
    1, T: Sacrifice an artifact: Draw a card.

  18. My pick for sleeper of the set is… (And not to brag but I called Wolfir Silverheart and Zealous Conscripts last set)

    Faith’s Reward! Pretty insane anit-wrath sideboard tech, although it might just be better to play undying creatures. Still this card is actually pretty versatile.

    Also Disciple of Bolas is one to keep an eye on although ultimately I believe that even with the card advantage its hard to justify paying 4 for a 2/1 body.

    Sublime Archangel isn’t a sleeper, but its also the real deal and I expect it to hold value.

    Nefarox is no grave titan, but he might have to do in decks that want a 6 mana black creature once grave titan rotates. what is essentially a 6/6 flier for 6 with upside is good value. It doesn’t do anything the turn you play it is likely not to be good enough but it does dodge doom blade.

  19. @ Dave C

    I like Faith’s Reward WITH wrath effects, actually! In my EDH deck it would work quite nicely with Scourglass, especially.