Vintage Masters Visual Spoiler (Complete)

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  1. Is this a Joke ? there are 2 CONSPIRACY cards in the “spoiler”
    and all of the other cards just looks like scans of real cards ( not using the new P9 art, and the duals have the “normal” text box on them…)

  2. old frames? I hope it is not a joke at all! And the original art plateau as well!

  3. This is the information from Wizards’ spoiled cards so far. Only scans of real cards were presented except in the case of the Conspiracy cards.

  4. The spoilers are now coming out and I STILL can’t believe this set is for real…

  5. Well i don’t think it’s real. It’s on magic online only. And with the beta player modo might not be around for long:)

  6. I so much wish they would at least make the premium (foil) version of the Power Nine with original art. The new art feels generic and do not capture the vintage feeling of the original cards well.

  7. This makes me want to go back and look at my 15-18 year old paper magic cards that I have sitting in a box somewhere. There’s an awful lot of cards in this spoiler that I actually own at least one copy of, if they are actually played in Vintage, that might mean theres money to be had here somewhere…It’s hard to justify going through 10,000 cards though to look at them all to see what’s worth money and what’s basically a Grizzly Bear with another name.

  8. It bugs me that card images looks like they are made on magic set editor without being exported properly. Is wizard getting lazy?

  9. From what I could tell, the MTGO V4 Beta images are all about 11 pixels less in the y-axis direction than the normal 265x370px spoiler images. I stretched some of them to fit but not all.

    Also, many of the cards were just presented as paper-printed art and rarity and were in the Gatherer image scan pixel ratio, which is much lower res. Not sure why they made the decision to spoil them this way.