Vivat Centum 3: Dec. 15, Registration (&) Information Page

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Hello and welcome to the information page for Vivat Centum‘s December 15th, 2012, installment! Scroll down for information on how to register for the tournament, claim any prizes you have won, donate to the tournament, etc.

You can find results here when they are posted for this tournament!

Registration Information:

To register, you must do the following before December 15th, 2012, 12:00pm PST (20:00 UTC)! (NOTE: This is a different process than we used during the first Vivat Centum tournament of the series, but the same process we used for the second.)

Make an account connected to your MTGO username at if you don’t already have one.

After you have done so, go to, and then click on “Player CP” to register your deck for the tournament. Once registered, this must be the deck you play — card for card — during each round of the second tournament of the series. Then be sure to show up to the room “vivatcentum” in Magic Online (just type “/join vivatcentum”). The tournament organizer will be in that chatroom 45 minutes before the beginning of the event. If you have not registered for the event and registered your deck by the start time of the tournament, the Gatherling software we will use will automatically drop you from the event.

Where and When:

Magic Online, December 15th, 2012, 12:00pm PST (20:00 UTC)

To play, you will need to join the room “vivatcentum” on Magic Online. To do so, type “/join vivatcentum” in any chat window.

The event will start immediately at 12:00 PST (20:00 UTC). Any user not online and joined to vivatcentum (or previously joined within 45 minutes of 12:00pm PST (20:00 UTC) will be dropped before pairings. You will also be dropped, as noted above, if you have not registered your deck properly by that time. Please do not be late!

Each subsequent round will start after all previous round matches have been completed and recorded. Please do not leave your computer for too long at a time lest you be willing to risk game/match losses.

If a player doesn’t join his or her assigned match within 10 minutes of pairing announcements, his or her opponent will be awarded a game win. If a player doesn’t join the assigned match within 20 minutes of pairing announcements, his or her opponent will be awarded a match win. You must attempt to privately message your opponent if he or she doesn’t show up in a timely fashion, and if he or she does not reply, send a private message to Academy_PREs.

There will be no intentional draws permitted in the tournament.


To play in Vivat Centum!, you must have a legal 100 Card Singleton deck. The Banned and Restricted List for 100 Card Singleton may be found at Please note that unlike Commander, 100 Card Singleton games start with 20 life per player and are always one-on-one duels.

Vivat Centum is a 3-round, Swiss-pairings event. Matches must be played in the Anything Goes room (Getting Serious on the Wide Beta Client), must have an Event Timer of 30 minutes, must be watchable, and must have “Vivat Centum” in the description. It is the responsibility of both players to ensure matches are set up correctly. We recommend playing on the v3 client. The following image displays the proper way to prepare a match for the tournament. (NOTE: You must use the same deck in all three rounds of this event.)

Reporting Match Results:

The match winner of each round should report his or her game record for the round and whom they played against to Academy_PREs. Please, only include this information when messaging Academy_PREs. (Example: 8:24 PM [b]ChrisKool[/b]: 2-1 versus PlanetWalls)

Prize Pool:

Prizes for the tournament fall into two categories, a primary and a secondary prize pool. The primary prize pool will be constituted as follows: MTGO Academy will donate 40 event tickets in bot credit plus 1 event ticket of bot credit per participant, and this total will be added to the total number of donated event tickets and bot credits from other sources.

Primary prize pool = 40 bot credits + x bot credits (where x = the number of participants) + donations

Bot credits are usable at any MTGO Academy bot in the Magic Online client, including Academy Buybot, Academy_Buybot2, Academy_Sellbot, Academy_Sellbot2, Academy_Sellbot3, Academy_Foilbot, and Academy_Budgetbot.

The secondary prize pool will be comprised of non-event ticket MTGO items, and will be available by random draw to participants who play in every match of the tournament and who also do not win other prizes. (MTGO Academy employees are excluded from eligibility for the secondary prize pool.) MTGO Academy’s donated secondary prize pool prize is yet to be determined.

Secondary prize pool = rolled-over donations from the previous tournament + card donations! (See the end of this page for rolled-over secondary prizes. Some may continue to be rolled over to the next tournament in the series.)

Prizes will be distributed at the end of the event. If you end with a 3-0 or a 2-1 record, you must e-mail your decklist to playerrunevents[at] at the conclusion of the event before being eligible to receive your prize. All decklists that prize will be featured on this page!

Prizes from the primary prize pool will be distributed in the following way to participants:

45% of primary prize pool will be distributed evenly among players who achieve a 3-win record (3-0).
55% of primary prize pool will be distributed evenly among players who achieve a 2-win record (2-1).

This means that, with respect to the primary prize pool, if 32 players enter one of the events, 32.4 tickets of bot credit (of a total of 72) will be divided among the (maximum of) 4 players who achieve a 3-win record (not including event ticket prizes donated by participants or others!), and 39.6 event tickets of bot credit will be divided among the (probable number of) 12 players who achieve a 2-win record (again, not including event ticket prizes donated by benefactors!).

As hinted above, prizes from the secondary prize pool will be distributed in packets chosen by MTGO Academy, randomly to players that played in all three rounds of the event. For example, if the secondary prize pool consists of 1 Snapcaster Mage, a foil Foil, and 16 foil Chimney Imps, we may choose to distribute the 16 Imps together in one packet, and the Snapcaster and Foil in other separate packets, though each packet would be distributed randomly among eligible parties.

If you are interested in donating prizes to the primary or secondary prize pools, feel free to make a pledge below in the comments. The Academy_PREs account will hold all prizes until distribution. Your donations are much appreciated!

Winners from the first Vivat Centum tournament (and their decks):

Players who went 3-0 in the first tournament are the following. Click on each to see his or her decklist:

Huffy Henry

Players who went 2-1 in the first tournament are the following. Click on each to see his or her decklist:


Successful decks from the Dec. 1st tournament (Vivat Centum 2) are viewable on Gatherling at this page. Finally, you can watch Chris and A.J. (ChrisKool & PlanetWalls, respectively) pilot some successful 100CS decks on this MTGO Academy page.

You can watch PlanetWalls lottery random door prizes from the secondary prize pool for Vivat Centum 2 participants here.

Note: Remaining secondary prize pool item donations have been rolled over from earlier Vivat Centum events for this (i.e., the third) tournament. They are as follows:

2 PRM Armadillo Cloak, 1 PRM Azorius Guildmage, 1 PRM Azorius Guildmage Foil, 1 PRM Capsize Foil, 2 PRM Disenchant, 1 PRM Faerie Conclave Foil, 1 PRM Forest, 1 PRM Gruul Guildmage Foil, 1 PRM Liliana’s Specter,4 PRM Llanowar Elves Foil, 1 PRM Mana Leak Foil, 1 PRM Oblivion Ring Foil, 1 PRM Plains Foil, 1 PRM Quirion Ranger, 1 PRM Resurrection Foil, 1 PRM Sylvan Ranger Foil, 5 PRM Wall of Roots Foil, 1 PRM Wild Mongrel, 2 PRM Wild Nacatl, 2 ME4 Scrubland

Door prizes will be given out to players who stayed in the event for all 3 rounds but did not go 2-1 or better.


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