Vivat Centum! Nov. 17, 2012, Event Information Page (Results here!)

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Hello and welcome to the information page for Vivat Centum’s November 17th, 2012, installment! All prizes, pairings, standings, and winning decklists for this event will be featured on this page. Scroll down for information on how to register for the tournament, claim any prizes you have won, donate to the tournament, etc.


Vivat Centum I: Player List

Vivat Centum I: Round 1 Pairings

Vivat Centum I: Round 2 Pairings

Vivat Centum I: Round 3 Pairings

Vivat Centum I: Final Standings

Vivat Centum I: Prize Pools


Players who went 3-0 in this tournament are the following. Each takes home 11.147 event tickets of bot credit available at Academy_Sellbot, etc. You can click on their names to download their decklists as .txt files, or you can visit this page to view their decklists card by card with pictures.

Huffy Henry

Players who went 2-1 in this tournament are the following. Each takes home 4.95 event tickets of bot credit available at Academy_Sellbot, etc. You can click on their names to download their decklists as .txt or .dek files.

PlanetWalls [I work here, so I'm rolling over my tickets as donation for the next tournament. --PlanetWalls]

The following are random door prize winners:

GrandAdmiral wins 1 ME2 Taiga
VinnieD wins 1 ME4 Scrubland
Aristi2 wins 1 Premium Deck Series Fire & Lightning
JacqueStrap wins 1 foil PRM Sylvan Library
Slawd wins 2 foil LRW Ponder, 1 foil PRM Mana Leak, and 1 PRM Sheoldred, Whispering One

Other secondary prize pool item donations will roll over for the next Vivat Centum tournament.

PlanetWalls’ matches are shown below (w/o commentary) for those who just want to watch some more 100CS (and play mistakes). Also, if you’d like to watch PlanetWalls assign random door prizes, you can find that video here.



Registration Information:

To register, enter your MTGO username (as a comment) below before November 17th, 2012, 10:00am PST (18:00 UTC). Also feel free to trash talk your prospective opponents in the comments.


Where and When:

Magic Online, November 17th, 2012, 10:00am PST (18:00 UTC)

To play, you will need to join the room vivatcentum on Magic Online. To do so, type “/join vivatcentum” in any chat window.

The event will start immediately after the last registrants have been entered into the pairing software at 10:00am PST (18:00 UTC). Any user not online and joined to vivatcentum (or previously joined within 15 minutes of 10:00am PST (18:00 UTC)) will be dropped before pairings. Please do not be late!

Each subsequent round will start after all previous round matches have been completed and recorded. Please do not leave your computer for too long at a time lest you risk game/match losses.

If a player doesn’t join his or her assigned match within 10 minutes of pairing announcements, his or her opponent will be awarded a game win. If a player doesn’t join the assigned match within 20 minutes of pairing announcements, his or her opponent will be awarded a match win. You must attempt to privately message your opponent if he or she doesn’t show up in a timely fashion, and if he or she does not reply, send a private message to Academy_PREs.

There will be no intentional draws permitted in the tournament.



To play in Vivat Centum!, you must have a legal 100 Card Singleton deck. The Banned and Restricted List for 100 Card Singleton may be found at Please note that unlike Commander, 100 Card Singleton games start with 20 life per player and are always one-on-one duels.

Vivat Centum is a 3 round, Swiss-pairings event. Matches must be played in the Anything Goes room (Getting Serious on the Wide Beta Client), must have an Event Timer of 30 minutes, must be watchable, and must have “Vivat Centum” in the description. It is the responsibility of both players to ensure matches are set up correctly. We recommend playing on the v3 client. The following image displays the proper way to prepare a match for the tournament. (NOTE: You must use the same deck in all three rounds of this event.)


Reporting Match Results:

The match winner of each round should report his or her game record for the round and whom they played against to Academy_PREs. Please, only include this information when messaging Academy_PREs. (Example: 8:24 PM [b]ChrisKool[/b]: 2-1 versus PlanetWalls)


Prize Pool:

Prizes for the tournament fall into two categories, a primary and a secondary prize pool. The primary prize pool will be constituted as follows: MTGO Academy will donate 40 event tickets in bot credit plus 1 event ticket of bot credit per participant, and this total will be added to the total number of donated event tickets and bot credits from other sources.

Primary prize pool = 40 bot credits + x bot credits (where x = the number of participants) + donations

Bot credits are usable at any MTGO Academy bot in the Magic Online client, including Academy Buybot, Academy_Buybot2, Academy_Sellbot, Academy_Sellbot2, Academy_Sellbot3, Academy_Foilbot, and Academy_Budgetbot.

The secondary prize pool will be comprised of non-event ticket MTGO items, and will be available by random draw to participants who play in every match of the tournament and who also do not win other prizes. (MTGO Academy employees are excluded from eligibility for the secondary prize pool.) MTGO Academy’s donated secondary prize pool prize is yet to be determined.

Secondary prize pool = TBD + card donations!

Prizes will be distributed at the end of the event. If you end with a 3-0 or a 2-1 record, you must e-mail your decklist to playerrunevents[at] at the conclusion of the event before being eligible to receive your prize. All decklists that prize will be featured on this page!

Prizes from the primary prize pool will be distributed in the following way to participants:

45% of primary prize pool will be distributed evenly among players who achieve a 3-win record (3-0).
55% of primary prize pool will be distributed evenly among players who achieve a 2-win record (2-1).

This means that, with respect to the primary prize pool, if 32 players enter one of the events, 32.4 tickets of bot credit (of a total of 72) will be divided among the (maximum of) 4 players who achieve a 3-win record (not including event ticket prizes donated by participants or others!), and 39.6 event tickets of bot credit will be divided among the (probable number of) 12 players who achieve a 2-win record (again, not including event ticket prizes donated by benefactors!).

As hinted above, prizes from the secondary prize pool will be distributed in packets chosen by MTGO Academy, randomly to players that played in all three rounds of the event. For example, if the secondary prize pool consists of 1 Snapcaster Mage, a foil Foil, and 16 foil Chimney Imps, we may choose to distribute the 16 Imps together in one packet, and the Snapcaster and Foil in other separate packets, though each packet would be distributed randomly among eligible parties.

If you are interested in donating prizes to the primary or secondary prize pools, feel free to make a pledge below in the comments. The Academy_PREs account will hold all prizes until distribution. Your donations are much appreciated!

  1. I am PlanetWalls online, declaring my intent to register and also to kick everyone’s left buttock.

    I also intend to donate 5 additional event tickets to the prize pool.

  2. Im aristi2 online, im a new player in both mtgo and this format, so I dont have much to offer to the prize pool, but what I can offer is a new player with real hopes to be a contender in this format!

  3. Hey,
    This is ntaylorw1 – never played this format before, but your recent articles have wheted my appetite! I’m trying to convince a few other friends who love commander to make the leap this Saturday – thanks for making the effort to expand the game!

  4. Hi, register me (slug360)
    Want to donate 1 Fire & Lightning and 1 Slivers Premium Deck Series + a bunch of foils and promos.

  5. enderfall, reporting for duty! I will also donate a Foil Promo Sylvan Library to the cause.

  6. Hi I wanna join this event but I am not sure what time it is here in the Philippines. I think it would be Sat night here. anyway. I’ll take a look if I can join.

  7. its 4 hours to go right? i hate to do the math on timezones! Would be nice if one of the officials show up in the chat. :-)

  8. I’m posting my gameplay vids above (no commentary — didn’t think I could concentrate with being involved in tournament prep), and decklists will be following this evening.

  9. Congrats on the turnout, I’d love to play in the next one and will totally make time to do so, and probably find something to donate as a prize.

    Anyone want to battle in the 100cs queue online some time feel free to message me, too! (same screenname as here)

    *eagerly anticipating decklists*

  10. Decklists are available above as .txt files (by players’ names), but our sexy WordPress decklist isn’t ready yet (since it takes forever to plug in the card names).

  11. I had a lot of fun. I really love this deck I played, though, with some more time to test (I moved cross country this weekend), I would most def refine a bit more. Thankfully I had a couple of weenie deck matches, which I can navigate easily.

    Massacre Wurm is a one card combo against these decks.

  12. I’d call one of them closer to Goblins, but yes. It was definitely the right call for the decks that showed up.

  13. Yeah i seen that as well, What i dont understand it how people didnt come prepared to face Red decks at all O.o If you look at my SB that’s EXACTLY what i expected

  14. I thought I was prepared, but even with four cards SB you have to DRAW them to make it help lol if anyone’s interested my games/deck were thrown up on my YouTube as well /MTGOJustSin

  15. I had some conversations with people before the tourney who were a bit salty about losing to RDW. It’s not my favorite deck, either, so I guess I understand. BUT I tried to tell those individuals that 100 is not at all like other formats. You can pack all 15 cards to one strategy and you might never see any of them. And if you do, you’ll see one or two and often that’s just not enough to win sometimes. It’s a completely different beast.

  16. RDW is so consistent. It’s funny, because the age-old argument that red is boring, and just has a ton of cards that sort of just do the same things, actually makes it super lethal in a format where every hand can feel uber-varied.

    I feel like my deck had sufficient life gain. In testing, I never lost a match to a RDW/Gobbos deck; my dudes are better, I’ve got the life gain, and I can put them to their burn so they don’t get throat punched. I can navigate blood moon effects (and did). But, yeah, these decks can just win, even when it seems like they’re losing. It’s kind of awesome–though I think the deck is pretty boring/uninspired (as a dude he tries to make decks).


  17. I was prepared for the Red deck (in theory)…. but I never faced one, of course!

    RDW in 100 CS is a completely different beast from RDW in Legacy, etc. In Legacy its: Turn 1 Suspend Rift Bolt, Turn 2 Cast Rift Bolt, Lightning Bolt and Goblin Guide, Turn 3 Lava Spike and Lightning Bolt then Fireblast ->win. Almost every game goes that way.

    In 100 CS, the lack of redundancy makes RDW a lot more interesting. You can win through a bunch of burn spells, or you can win through some efficient and/or hasty creatures. Hellrider, Hero of Oxid Ridge; these guys would never see the light of day in Legacy, but they are perfect for 100 CS!!

  18. Alas, I did not record them, but I will be making a vid discussing the deck and proffering insight into why I chose to play it.