Who’s Your Daddy?: Brazilian Wax

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  1. strong commander choice, huge leaps/bounds improvements from similar decks, captivating story/singing, clean, short, well-formatted videos with no huge unnecessary conversations, or long pauses from opponnents,
    4/10 worst of your videos yet don’t let it happen again

  2. I feel a sudden urge to defecate in a public place. I mean: it sounds fun.

    thx for the vid, travis.


  3. Hmm. Makes sense I am playing dorks. I didn’t even consider it works with Vengevine. I could even add wonder for uber evasion!!!

    Thanks, brah!

  4. My God Notorious Throng is just absoultly gross. Exactly what i expect from a trav deck. Great to finally get new videos from u

    With the ammount of card draw u have, wouldnt Noxious Revival be a better fit for this deck than regrowth? U save 2 mana that might be crucial in the early game.

  5. Hmm. Perhaps. It’s one card less I draw, which could be the card that matters. And then, if I have the draw engine interrupted, it def isn’t as good.

  6. The epic return of the prodigal man child. Your absenteeism from posting felt remarkable similar to a form of forced sobriety. So now that I’m inebriated with commander again. It seems that most of the generals with massive drawing capabilities tend to win multiplayer games frequently. The throughput of this deck is strong and should be. U/G has a tendency to do that, regardless if there is a third color.
    Very refreshing to see an Edric list not saturated with counterspells and is just pure offence.
    It would seem the URG is the last UG color combo to be posted. Do you have any interest in Animar, Intet or Riku? Thanks for another great series Travis.

  7. I nearly gave up coming to this site since a was only coming here to look for new Travis stuff.
    So I’m not dead and it’s good to see you finally masturbating again. Was getting worried.
    I gotta say though, for an engaged man you seem to be masturbating quite a lot.
    What I’m trying to say: I liked this months’(?) deck a lot and would have loved to see more of it.
    Especially that Notorious Throng! Them plays man.

  8. Jesse,

    I have an Animar deck, and, I feel comfortable saying, it is very, very good. It’s just so brutal and one-sided, I found playing it to be a bit of a wankfest. You guys are hard to please; either it’s too competitive or not nasty enough.

    I apprec the comments!!!! Keep ‘em coming!

  9. That Notorious Throng was absolutely ridiculous. Cool demo!

    Have you considered Triumph of the Hordes? This seems the type of deck for it; you get to draw some extra cards while killing people left and right.

  10. I just thought that i should say that your preview for this deck, found in the black box with the arrows, sounds rather homosexual: stating “what a weapon he is”.. Just thought I should point that out.