Blast from the Past— Who’s Your Daddy?: Chop Chop

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  1. Cool vid. Thanks!

    Isn’t Loxodon Warhammer “in theme” with making crappy dudes crash through blockers?

    Have you considered Mother of Runes? Whenever I play equipment heavy decks, I just want cheap bodies to put swords on, and she fits the bill. (insert favorite “ur mum” joke)

    And what about that True Conviction? Seemed to work out for your opponent (well, until he got ran over anyway). I never built a deck that could run it, but it seems so Timmytastic on paper.

  2. I have since updated this bad boy a few times, and it only gets stronger with M12. Of all the decks I have made, this is by far the most fair, in terms of broaching the Casual/Competitive divide. Not so much my play style – it’s weird to rock decks that have so little ways to dig and draw into problems and answers – but, like the Slobad deck, it’s fun to see what Fate doles out and how well you can do with it.

  3. The loss g1 was quite amusing,

    Having actually played against this deck, I must say that I am quite impressed with the strength of it. The guerillas in particular looks like a really powerful card with equipment or a metalcrafted JK around.

  4. I wanted to say Land Tax won that second game alone. Nothing beats more than 10 extra cards, even if they are basic lands. But actually you drew plenty of lands, so Magus won that second game probably.

  5. it’s really easy to say “___ won that game” but did it really? it only affected one opponent, and the other two opponents were still bested fairly easily. without the magus, there would have been one more person there, but I think book could have dealt with him easily.

  6. This deck can get explosive starts that are just turd melting chaos (please pronounce as CHAY OSS). Sure, anyone can start off with a Sol Ring and start the money juice dripping, but this baby capitalizes on something not often utilized in the format – a rush strategy.

    The game in which Wyrath was playing, I played 5 cards on my first turn, one of which was to tutor up a SoFI for my little wimpy Iron Myr and draw into more dudes. I hit countless lands, and still managed to deal something like 60 points total by turn 5. So had I focused on guy, I coulda just moshed a duder right out in the first few turns.

    I would recommend adding Scroll Rack, just for the instances like the one shared with Tax. You need to keep on the threat level as consistently as possible. I also think the Grand Abolisher and Crimson Mage make two nice new weenies for the deck. Swift boots is another easy addition. M12 updates the deck by a few cards.

    I feel like Sunforger is too meh in the deck. So with it, I would cut the Fury Charm. I found myself wanting to add more and more crap to justify it, which often happens with very narrow cards, With Swift Boots, I think you can cut the Plate. They do entirely different things, but it’s close enough. Haste is very important. Axe the Helix/Intimidation Bolt idea – its part of the Forger strat that just wasn’t great.

    If you like random dorks – Gideon’s Avenger and the Mauler are nice easy candidates.

    Sorry, 8am, and not looking at deck makes upgrading by memory a tough one. Either way, it’s a fun neutral play style deck with enough power creep that me thinks you can avoid the ever present crying game we all love to play. Try it out.

    Where the health is eXXa this week?

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