Who’s Your Daddy?: Dead, Again

Dead, Again – Game 1

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Dead, Again – Game 2

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  1. I had a dude call me Dahmer for suspending obliterate into a suspended Kozilek earlier. Dude spent 15 minutes complaining about “crutchdrazi” and then effectively killed the guy that had revealed a Teferi the turn before obliterate was coming down, thereby sealing the fate of the game. All praise be to Allah that these dudes are capable of adding me to their block list because otherwise I’d forget and keep playing games with them.

  2. Epic intro Trav, so fitting.
    I like how you explain your mulligan decisions via humming and moving the mouse cursor.
    You even reminded me to put ‘How Bizarre’ back into my iTunes :)

    I like the updates you did with Innistrad, nothing important left out imo.
    Big style Reanimator decks like this are always fun to watch.
    Sad to hear they would not take you over at WotC. Maybe you can talk about how the interview went in the next videos? Would be pretty interesting to hear.
    Did they even know who you were and did they see some of your best vids?

    Although I did not cry to have lost you for a few weeks, you still made the little German fan community I built up over here a little sad :(
    But I accept your inofficial appology in the end of the second match ;>
    (winking cheeky smiley indicates that I’m joking).

    Oh yeah and also: You are a good man, your belly is very beatiful and if you were in fact pregnant, like this black man asked, your child would be beautiful and it would be Jen’s baby and it would not be Elly Camper from the office’s baby and Gar Christen Wig’s baby cause Jen says all you like is anorexic horses.

    Here’s to hoping for a Christmas special on the 25th of December. =)

  3. Aw, exxa, and you didn’t even take a stab at how my Mac shit the bed with those 3407530475 Death triggers on the stack.

    In truth, I will move into something more akin to a monthly series. This game just brings out the worst in me, as it does in others. If you have the play group, the time, resources, and interest, I would recommend doing some table top gaming every once and a while. It’s good to step away from the repetitive, mathematical intrigue of Magic, as well as the unrelenting arguing, and have some great fun.

    A friend of mine is going to make some board game review vids with me soon. I will keep anyone interested posted. Also, I will explain more about my two WotC interviews, as well as my one at Fantasy Flight. I am slowly getting a foothold, just no traction yet. I suppose getting a second interview for most at a dream job would be considered a blessing. Mayhaps this is just my beginning. At the very least, I want some peeps to vote me in to the Community Cup this year. I promise I will generate a ton of content AND make it a memorable experience for all!!!

  4. Hmmm, Josh. I took a good look at this list, and, I have to say, it seems pretty unfocused. I have never seen someone splash for Zur – this is a card you build an entire deck around. Furthermore, the Overlord general for the small compliment of cards (Amoeboid?) seems beyond weird. Maybe I am missing something here, but I pride myself on deck construction and this list, to me, demonstrates a lack of editing.

  5. Love it. Plus every time I watch these videos I remember why I don’t even bother play commander online: because of the quitting donkeys.

  6. There will come a time, and I will be banging my tin cup for votes. They announce in on the WotC main page, but, it’ll be awhile yet. So, that said, get your ballots ready to either push me through or sabotage me!

  7. Oh and hey, why don’t ya join Chris and A.J. in their 100 CS sessions every once in a while?
    No frustration and good opponents only :)
    You would be the best cameo ever!

  8. You are clearly too good at this game and all your opponents know it. You should try to build a Commander deck that is as terrible as possible but still technically capable of winning, and then win with it.

  9. I will make a return to the foray of 100CS if and when it gets legs. I appreciate what Kool and AJ are doing, and hopefully it will catch on. But, let’s be honest – even in its heyday, the format was pretty small and unpopular. So, currently, my choices appear to be wade through idiocy in Commander, or struggle to find opponents in 100CS.

    This is why I am frustrated.

    I refuse to play crap Standard, Modern, or waste a zillion tickets drafting. Oh, what a dilemma!

  10. I always laughed sohard at the art vids don’t discount them if you want to move away from commander

  11. @travis

    lol i realize the deck is a little bit insane. the idea is that there is a ton of synnergy in the deck and every card is either a toolbox or part of another cards toolbox, or both. The deck sort of revolves around sisay because he can search out zur and lin sivvi and a ton of important pieces to the deck. I know it seems nuts, but if you play it really well I think it can be very effective. Also, the deck is hopefully designed so that even though it wants to be able to search out an answer to any problem, it doesn’t play any bad cards.

    BTW, the overlord was really only the general because I needed a 5-color general and he had the coolest things I could do with him. He seemed a lilttle better than horde of notions. Overlord is realy like a plan D for the deck. The cuteness with the changeling has synnergy with lin-sivvi, skyshroud poacher, and higure.

    If you have any suggestions on the deck it would be great to hear them. I’ve spent a ton of time on that deck but there are just so many ways to build it that if you have any suggestions it would be great.

  12. Josh,

    It’s hard to really steer you in a clear direction, as you are allover the map. Zur, Lin Sivvi, Sliver Overlord… I don’t think I am missing anything here, but, rather, I feel you may be falling prey to a common deck design issue for singleton formats.

    The aforementioned cards demand a density that your deck lacks by trying to double, triple, and quadruple up. They’re not something you throw a few support cards in to justify. And while I have no doubt that the deck can do some cool/impressive things, the same could be for any deck that just has a bunch of good cards in it.

    The issue here is you are not get the optimal mileage out of your cards. Even the statement about playing Overlord to allow you to play 5 colors. You are using up two pretty marginal cards for synergy with the Overlord. The same for Sivvi, Zur, etc. Rather than having a deep card pool which may at first seem two-dimensional, you have a sample platter of a lot of ideas. And, to me, this is indicative of a problem with editing and streamlining, something a lot of players have when tackling singleton formats like Commander.

    Part of the beauty of singleton formats is having to really streamline your decks to be well-oiled machines. This is something over which I labor quite a bit (hence why I took a month plus hiatus); I agonize over every single cards, as they are part of a whole. Sure, I may make preferential cuts here and there, but, on the whole, I look at the deck as a composite that needs as much overlap as possible to justify the inclusion of ANY card. You have to put yourself through these same paces. I think this video is a great example of this, as I had to really scrutinize which Reanimator targets were optimal in total, instead of playing the “if this specific thing happens then this justifies that.” Remember, ANY card can win a game in the right circumstances, but, a good deck will win most of the time if you put that effort and thought into it from as objective a standpoint as possible.

    In terms of advice, I say axe a few of these dense cards. Sure Sivvi is a a great legend, but you’re wasting spots by adding in rebels, therefore diluting the power of Sissay in turn. This deck is the protoplasm of a lot of decks, which could be a lot of work and fun, if you took them apart and build up around the generals as best you can. Again, I don’t think you have stumbled upon some hidden tech here; you just need to go back to the cutting room floor.

    Hope this helps! I made two more deck vids over this weekend, so stay tuned!

  13. Great vid. I love that the deck just tries to heap tons of big dudes onto the battlefield turn after turn and effectively manages to challenge three other players to “sweep or die” (in spite of your earlier claims that point removal is good in Commander).

    I didn’t see Snapcaster Mage in there. By now it seems a fundamental truth of life that no deck is ever the worse for the inclusion of Snapcaster Mage, and having an extra Recoup (on legs!) shouldn’t hurt either when trying to flash back (mass) reanimation spells.

    I suspect that the dreadful performance is mostly attributable to poor optimization on Magic Online’s part. It seems to not have been made with complex multiplayer games in mind, and the problem seems to be exponentially proportional to the board state.

  14. xyx, thanks for sticking up for my Macbook. Truly, the X-mas spirit is in you (deep, so deep; oooh). I notice any time I have a ton of cards in hand, or the triggers are more than 20, my laptop craps the bed for fear of processing all the info. This was a prob I had with a PC of mine, as well, so, perhaps, it’s a rampant issue.

    I do play Snapcaster, but don’t seem to draw him. He is def grotesque. And this is for sure one of my fav and fun decks; it’s nice to play and not be chastised!

    And, while I love spot removal in this format (pref. things like Return to Dust, Ashes to Ashes, Reckless Spite), sweepers are a must. My point is that if you are playing a permanent heavy strategy, blowing up all of your crap is not really productive. And,usually, taking out a single card is enough to disrupt someone’s aims.