Who’s Your Daddy?: Glossolalia

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  1. The yibberish was overdone and not funny even in the last video. Why did you have to continue doing it? ;_;

    Deck was sweet though.

  2. Lei hou Travis,
    Depaca deluca ichya nima, inimi zhov pliyscht. Ichvska chi namina deloco pi erri. Solo schadaim dinsizy chovz.
    (I enjoyed your video, as always. They are just funny. I try to be that natural and funny in my videos, too.)


  3. great vid, multiplayer is cool as ever shame about annoying childish commentary this week!!!!

  4. What’s the point in watching these if there’s no commentary? BE INTERESTING.

  5. Hallo Travis, das war eine sehr gute Leistung von dir diese Woche.
    Endlich mal eine klar verständliche Sprache für mich. Das Deck ist natürlich ein Klassiker und immer gerne gesehen. Schade, dass du diesmal wieder nur ein vorzeigbares Spiel aufnehmen konntest. Aber immerhin, besser als nichts.
    Vielen Dank aus Deutschland an dich und auf dass du schon nächste Woche wieder etwas neues für uns hast!

  6. I knew this was too much of a high concept for you grasseaters. Sigh.

    I woke up and was talking like this to one of my cats, which I do daily. It dawned on me that it would be funny to do an entire video, esp. one of my most annoying deck–in the most annoying way.

    I regret nothing.

    Marekenata moonpu elemekkata artoofuq.

  7. Nice deck. Too bad the video is unwatchable for me. Listening to that gibberish makes me want to punch someone in the face.

  8. I mean, it was really funny for first… 5 mins? Then i was like. WTF? Is he gonna talk like this for the whole time? :) This video should be played in a gallery as a form o some avandgarde art not on mtg site :D.

  9. If only people commented with this frequency when they like something rather than to parade their disgust.

    Again, no regrets. This needed to happen once in the universe. I find the commentary very sing-song and quite amusing.

  10. Ya I normally love your videos, and love your sense of humor.

    But I just dont get random gibberish, it was funny for maybe 60 seconds, like you usually have those really weird cold opens with nothing but randomness, but the whole video?

    I’ve seen commander decks, I want someone that knows how to play them very well telling me whats up, not making a complete mockery of the entire thing.

    BUT, I love how little you care about negative comments, its endearing.


  11. ORVN,

    A little back story: this is the third time I have shared this particular deck, with few changes (though they are big ones). My thoughts were:

    1.) the deck is annoying as hell (and people have complained in comments after sharing quite a lot) so I wanted to up the annoyance ante (so to speak)

    2.) people who follow my series should know the deck by now (Rising Waters is a nice nasty addition, as is the Arbiter to help with beatdown, and Soulquake as way to reset the critters).


    3.) I like doing off the wall, fly by the seat of your pants, non-rehearsed material for this series. God knows, I don’t do it for the fish heads with which I am paid.

    So, I have no apology to offer. Granted, this is a once in a lifetime sort of Kaufman-esque idea that I was confident would receive this exact reaction–I won’t be treading these waters again. So fear not.

    Lastly, if you pontifcating babies spent as much time being active within this little microcosm doing something positive rather than mauling the guys doing limited content with your oh-so-convenient suggestions AFTER you see how things turned out, posturing on right and wrong, I wouldn’t be forced to do shit like this to get your attention. Leaving comments, participating, and, yeah, sometimes even saying nice things, helps the people doing content to persist. Remember that the next time you info-fart into someone’s face with your hindsight genius and know a 10th level of hell is quickly being built for you and your filthy ilk!


  12. Well, I’ve more or less commented (and always in a positive manner) on more or less all your videos, so I don’t feel like your comments hit any vital parts, T-dawg (for me at least).

    I just thought it was a bit too much honestly. Still, like you say it’s your gig, so do what thou whilst and all that jazz.

  13. The gibberish on the play video was fine and pretty amusing – not hard to figure out the situation in a play video if you’re watching.

    On the other hand, the gibberish on the deck video was really irritating – I don’t have any experience playing EDH so I don’t know what the other decks look like and what kind of things work nor do I immediately understand what the deck is going to do. When watching the deck presentation I’ve got to filter out the gibberish and it becomes irritating.

  14. I like to say to I dident really enjoy the giberish that much maybe in a future video you could not do the giberish that much.

    Alex Heinkle

  15. ANSWERS:

    Wyrath, you are my dude. I would go as far as to name a painted miniature after you. Seriously.

    Newplan, new to the format, eh? Perhaps… I dunno… watch one of my other 310273189273 videos on EDH? Just a suggestion; or maybe you are new to the internet as well? You know we have dolphinoid customer service reps on the ready, right?

    Semwhateveryourname is, I don’t understand your attempt at humor… or was it conversational ESL homework? Was that shit gibberish, because it wasn’t funny.

    Alex, I get it; you don’t like gibberish. In fact, you like it even less than spelling.

    We all agree I am glowing god in an otherwise bleak and peanut shaped world; just listen to the video one more time, because you all seriously missed the hidden message about halfway through. I didn’t realize this site had such a strong streak of patriotic English-speaking viewers; damn, son son son.

    Normal service will return when… I wake up somewhat sober and feeling generous.

    This is the part where you say you’re sorry.

  16. “Lastly, if you pontifcating babies spent as much time being active within this little microcosm doing something positive rather than mauling the guys doing limited content with your oh-so-convenient suggestions AFTER you see how things turned out, posturing on right and wrong, I wouldn’t be forced to do shit like this to get your attention.”

    I was under the impression that criticism required going through whatever is being criticized and then pointing out any positives and negatives that are found. I’m not interested in saying “great video!” before seeing a second of it, and I’m sure no one expects that negative criticism is valid without actually looking at the content itself. So my question is, what exactly are you looking for from your viewers?

  17. this reminds me of that episode of the tom green show where he made everyone think he would perform stand up comedy but instead made loud annoying noises and crazy faces at the audience until they dragged him off the stage

  18. I thought it was a funny concept and once it hit me how committed you were to the joke, I laughed pretty hard. Not sure this is the ideal medium for it but I gotta love you for trying it. Most magic videos and magic commentators are fucking boring and the one thing you are not is boring. As much as I liked it, I don’t think our marginal card game subculture has a vacuum in Andy-Kaufman-ness, we’re just fine doing without.

  19. Yeah I stopped watching after realising there wasn’t going to be you know… content.

  20. Maestro, you guys can be, say, and do as you please. This ain’t no hive mind, playa. My point was much more targeting the folks that watch the draft videos and go, if you woulda picked the INSERT CARD NAME HERE then on turn 3 of the first game of the last round you would have had an answer to his wampire. As if the future just would have unfurled like some dirty ass shirt to be ironed. I find it annoying; I find it sad.

    In terms of my viewers, I just want comments, good bad or otherwise. People asked what the point of this was; I answered them. And, when you think about it, the real question, considering most people only speak up to bitch, is: what do you viewers want… other than a soapbox and a big arrow pointing to your heads flashing “he’s right!” Some, at least.

  21. First vid I did after a year plus hiatus, I just ate into the mic. No one seemed to get it was intentional.

    I was thinking of rather than screen sharing, just showing my face really close and talking as though you can all see the deck and game. Seems fair.

  22. Plz do some 100 card singleton again… the last ones you recorded were like 2010 or something.

  23. Because the format is dead, dead, dead… because no one supported it. I did everything I frickin’ could on that one; you lethargic-ass players didn’t muster, WotC dropped the ball, and VWOOSH! DEAD FORMAT!

    Doing a 100CS vid is like posting a “how to repair your VCR at home” tutorial. No way, chesty.

  24. This was the first video of yours I discovered. Upon realizing it was pretty much unwatchable, I watched your last Commander video. It was really informational and had humor thrown in. I liked it a lot. If you did that for every Commander video, I’d watch every single one of them.

    I realize you want to be funny and troll people, but this seemed over the top. Just my opinion.

    Keep the vids coming!

  25. Ya it is sad that positive feedback isnt as readily available as bad feedback.

    I’ve def commented about how funny you are in the past, I’ve only been watching your videos for maybe 4 months tho!


  26. Ah…. it makes me pretty happy that you knew everybody would hate it and you did it anyway.

  27. 100-CS isn’t actually dead. Casual queues fire if you put a game up.

  28. Casual Queue’s? You realize you just described what makes a format dead.

    We need q’s that fire with prize on the line so ppl dont just concede when they see cards they cant afford or strategies they cant beat.


  29. ORVN is a little butt-hurt because he doesn’t know how to use apostrophes properly.

    Anyway back on topic, if we go by the ‘casual queue test’ of a format’s life, commander would be very dead. Likewise, people quit commander all the time when they start losing/ don’t like your strategy/ want to troll multiplayer games. Yet you post commander decks /games all the time; ergo why not post 100cs articles.

  30. Should I open a VHS rental store, fax you the results, and do some other dated, dead shit while I am at it.

    I will not play or cover 100CS until you idiots get the ball rolling. I dedicated a good 2 years to the format to have it thrown in the garbage.

    Not it.

  31. Here’s some constructive criticism; it would have been better if you had voiced over a replay. That way the vid isn’t just 52 minutes of slowly putting triggers on the stack and waiting for priority with nothing interesting to listen to. I don’t mind the occasional absurdity, but 52 minutes is too long even for the underlying concept to be funny. The deck tech could have been done in half a minute as well.

  32. I loved this video! I was belly laughing for the entire introduction and I especially liked “windfall”. Always thoughtful and thorough builds that are a treat to watch. Don’t change a thing, grass eaters be damned. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Well, you know what? I actually enjoy it. Just turn off the video sound, and listen Bach Cello Suites on youtube instead,

    Funny deck though.