Who’s Your Daddy?: Kay-Oss

K-OSS Tournament Decklist Video

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K-OSS Replay

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  1. Liked it as always.
    Nice new avatar, though I don’t really ‘get’ it.
    Still waiting for them boardgame contents you promised :)

  2. The avatar is my fav photographer, Joel-Peter Witkin. Check him out. I love this photo, and use it elsewhere. So begins my descent! This is def a different kind of review. I am already baffled at the lack of comments, so I think I have learned my lesson on replay content!!!

    In terms of board games, wow, I have been playing them non-stop. I have spent easily 2k in the last 5 months on stuff, some of which I have reduxed into new games, but most of which I have loved.

    If you are looking for something cool, check out Eclipse (New Dawn for Galaxy). It’s one of the hottest games out (internationally sold out, almost on pre-order), and is worth the accolades. A lot of the stuff I am loving is out of print, but ultimately, what are you looking for? Here is just a quick list of what I am loving:

    Warrior Knights – the proto game from which FFG took a lot of their other ideas, but so much fun

    Eclipse – like a stream-lined Twilight Imperium style game that is really great

    Ghost Stories – very difficult co-op game based off B Asian horror movies

    Risk: Legacy – a sc-fi Risk variant where you literally rip up cards, alter the board, cards, and even rule book, customizing it with each play.

    Automobile – Martin Wallace game, not for everybody, but I like it quite a bit: you take the roles of the notable American automotive figures, racing to profit off the auto boom

    I will have some vids posted soon on a diff site and youtube–still working out the kinks with my new biz partner, but hang tight! They will happen! In the mean time, I am writing a lot of articles on Board Game Geek in the forums for various games.

  3. Hurrah, new Trav Videos !!!

    Btw, I came across a deck that was pretty mean /cool / combotastic /masturbatory etc. and I thought u might like it.
    Cant provide u with an exact decklist since I just played against it on MTGO. The main idea was to get Eye of the storm down and then play a spell with cascade and since cascading into another spell would trigger the Eye again bascially go infinite from there.
    It was pretty good but rather tame but nonetheless I thought this might be the deck for my favorite commander player

  4. When I did the Knowning deck (it was the first in my ’5 colors of friendship’ series from a few months back, I had considered adding in Eye of the Storm for some extra oomph. I put it in the build, and after I played one counterspell, realized, “DOH!” It’s def a cool card though, and I could see it being neat in U/G or (better yet) U/R!!! In fact, I may just have to build something around this with Riku or something like that!!!

  5. Hey Travis,
    I’m just wondering what your new deck was going to be about, and I thought of a General/Commander that seems to follow the Combo-Oriented Style of the decks you have posted recently. This General would be: Riku of Two Reflections. This guy practically screams BROKEN! He (Or rather THEY…) serve as a “Mirari” and a never-ending clone… I’ve been brewing up something with this General, and found him to be great with spells like “Time Warp” and “Temporal Manipulation”. He could also be used to copy small rampant growths, or as a finisher: “Searing Wind”. While RUG isn’t the strongest of color combinations, I predict that Riku could bring the best of those three colors together and combo-out very quickly.
    Please let me know, and happy brewing!

  6. I certainly didn’t mind the replay. In fact, I think it’s preferable to watching you click three times per minute for an hour and a half.

    I’d attribute the lack of comments to the fact that this is a very obscure format. A very awesome format, though. Wish I could find enough people to play it in paper.

    By the way, I tried your reanimator deck, and it’s awesome. I believe you used Kresh the Bloodbraided as a general. I wanted to use Lord of Tresserhorn because the general is fairly inconsequential and Tress totally sucks and might lure people into a false sense of security, but I couldn’t find one.

    Good times include me generating infinite mana with Phantasmal Image copying Palinchron, milling my entire deck by untapping Bazaar of Baghdad, then having the image copy Snapcaster Mage to flash back Twilight’s Call FTW.

    I’ve been very impressed with Faerie Macabre and Fleshbag Marauder in that deck; I thought they were weak, but they’re awesome.

  7. Just saw these messages. I am working on an Animar deck now, as there is not a single sound list out there–I have done the research. I have thought of Riku, but consider him one of those generals people hate (like Animar :P). Mayhaps I will give him a try. He is def crazy fun and broken indeed.

    Xyx, I don’t have a Kresh deck, and he is the wrong colors (no green). My general was Sedris, who you should play, as he is a living, though limited, reanimator. I love that deck the most: an absolute labor of love.