Who’s Your Daddy?: The Five Colors of Friendship — Mean Green

Travis’s Mean Green Decklist

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Mean Grean Game 1

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Mean Green Game 2

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Mean Green Game 3

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Mean Green Game 4

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  1. What I’ve got’s full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter
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  3. I have no problem that you eat on camera. Just try to be a litle thematic. That would be cool.

  4. Thematic? I guess you skipped the banjo intro? I don’t understand your statement – how does eating and being more thematic coincide in any way?

    And the deck surely could have been one of those uber evil mono green builds that just totally turbos out monsters with infi mana. I just wanted to play cards I like and not show you guys something you have seen verbatim before. In the end I suppose I just did this with a watered down build, but I had some fun anyway.

    Not to get all narcissistic, but I thought for sure there would be more in the way of comments with this many vids. Quite weird. eXXa must be off building p his calf muscles for charity.

  5. Here to save the say. Yes I watched all the vids. I’d like to take a moment to comment on the whole series/idea as well.

    First off, I like that you tried to do something wholly different with many of your decks. Though you mentioned that the core colors are pretty obvious to most people, I think it would be interesting to see your take on how that fits into your overall deck construction (perhaps a wrapup commentary/post for the whole series).

    Ratings of decks:
    1.Blue- With Teferi/Knowledge Pool Lock— <3 this spin on blue. Having your lady there too made for a funny and cute video. For those who like being able to lock out an entire game, simple and powerful.

    2. White- Test of Endurance, life gain win- really shows off the amount of power that white control can do. Geddon effects went well with your overall plan. Great for grieving opps.

    3. Red- You say you like Burn? This deck likes burn. Looks insanely fun, and the deck shows off how quickly you can kill in commander. Good for when you're done messing with opponents. I wish there was a couple more vids for this, as well as a recommendation of all those spikey cards you left out of your build. Kudos.

    4. Green- What can I say.. The decks and videos seemed to work as planned. What I liked about the videos this week were how you switched from going a more poison subtheme into more land ramp, which is what green is good at. Seeing how you arrive at these decisions, tweaking your deck is interesting and should be shown more often– perhaps a tutorial on how you start off with an idea and tweak your commander decks would be useful..

    Personally I would have gone with elves and some sort of Smokestack control. I have my pet cards in Deranged Hermit and Poacher. Verdant Forest and Elf Beatdown.

    5. Black- This one is tough to rate. It's a usual shell. I liked the contamination lockout. However, I feel like there is more design space to explore here. I did however think the Sorin+Vengeance buyback was cute.

    Overall I think there are some moments in these games where you seem to be playing either a little more fairly, or not taking advantage of all of your options. Game 3 this week you could have went off with genesis wave a turn earlier by buying back your Avenger with Regrow after the reflection, and then gaea's cradling. I like cards like the Wave because if you're wanting the game to end quickly, it will. Having that option is good when you're looking at games that go hours+ with opps that tend to want to drag things out or get into arguments. Having that button is a great way to end the conversation :)

    Thanks again, looking forward to some more of that Travvy goodness.

  6. I must say, this was def not as structured as it could be. Obviously. I sort of came up with the idea whilst playing the Teferi deck and just went with it. I mention this in this week’s submission: what would be the point of running through the obvious strengths and weaknesses of the color wheel? I would assume that most, if not all, people watching this understand Magic enough on that fundamental level that it doesn’t beg to be elaborated. This is time that I could be playing, or entertaining people; seems almost insulting to give that bland-style tutorial.

    It’s easy to see that I wing this content – nothing is scripted, nor is there a piece of paper with notes nearby. Sure, I will fumble at times and end up reusing some of the ideas from a dry run, but what I like about doing these is the unique expression of me in the moment. It’s genuine, as meandering as it can come across. I do this because I enjoy building singleton decks (more so than playing them in this godforsaken format, unfortunately) and because it’s a nice release from the miasmic horror that is my job.

    Of course, I love and appreciate the feedback (the genuine feedback, good or bad). It’s sad that some people use this as a medium to either play hindsight genius or be an anonymous cyber-terrorist drumming their fingers on their Hello Kitty laptop case while chuckling at clever they intended to be. I want to continue to mold this into something better each and every time. But i wouldn’t expect sweeping changes that would essentially make the content un-me for the sake of keeping the Magic-quo.

    And I like board games more now anyway.

  7. Very nice Deck. Nothing too special, but it seems very solid.

    I have a question though. Why didnt you play Regrowth into Avenger of Zendikar in Turn 7 Game 3 for that extra 15 Mana (24 from Gaea’s Cradle with 11 Plant Token + Avenger – 9 to play both cards)? To save that Regrowth? You won anyway and maybe im wrong but couldnt you have won earlier and saver that way?

  8. I played loose this week, for sure. As Deathcloud mentioned, I coulda went for Genesis Wave a turn earlier. At times, but not always, I belabor the games a little to show more footage and/or see a little more of other decks that I find interesting. This time? Ya got me. I just put the blinders on and played and hoped for something weird.

    Truth be told, I hate this type of deck. In fact, I consider it THE deck that a lot of “Casual” players hide behind while wagging a finger in judgment at others. It’s grotesquely powerful, but since it plays giant men and wins with damage that makes it “fun.” Essentially, this is a combo deck with the mana production and Genesis Wave – this card should be banned, unequivocally; it’s not fair with mana being as explosive as it is in this format. It’s almost like a one-sided mega Eurkeka that chains into a win a great deal of the time.

    This deck is why I think ‘Geddon effects should be allowed, hands down.

  9. There are so many EDH decks that are meant to “explode” ~ turn 5 +/- 2 turns depending on the draw. People play really greedy decks without solutions and crazy manabases just to power up their goldfish potential. So when you play Geddon and ruin their “fun” they get mad. And Geddon is even far more strategic/tactical and more difficult to use than a Genesis Wave or an Eldrazi or whatever. I feel like people should build their decks more around cards like Geddon, i mean they do it with Back to Basics. Yeah sure Geddon slows the game down but sometimes its necessary if you dont want the game to end in 5 turns. I actually like games where everythings is going back and forth, everythings gets blown up and its never sure who gets the upper hand at the end. The guy who complained about you playing Geddon with your mono white Deck just didnt want to realize that the real problem might be his own deck. On the other hand i have nothing against conceding. So maybe he should have done that instead of flaming.

  10. Well put, indeed. Wave is far more gross than ‘Geddon – it’s entirely one-sided, easier to setup, and there is not a single draw back beyond hitting a non-perm blank off the top. But people don’t see it as a problem, bc people want to play cards like this unimpeded.

    I won’t wax ‘Geddon, as I have done so many times before. Sure, it’s less symmetrical in a multi-player game, but maybe everyone shouldn’t have curves that are heavy around the 6 and up mana mark. It’s as you said, it’s more so the negating of their plans than the card itself being “unfair.”

  11. Who are you and what have you done with Travis?! Travis would never play a fair deck with ramp and fatties!

    With your oft-touted stance on point removal, why is a deck that generates stupid amounts of mana not running Spine of Ish Sah, Karn Liberated and perhaps even Desert Twister?

    Game 1 went down the crapper when your Vernal Bloom got blown up and you didn’t get to do much of consequence after that. Maybe Ancient Tomb isn’t the worst after all; at least it still makes 2 mana if Plan A fails.

    That Uncomfortable_Parable guy was funny. “j00 exiled my graveyard! I’m coming after j00 until j00 is dead!!1!” “What, someone tried to poison me!? Now I totally forgot about that other guy I said I was going after and instead I’m going after him!!1!”

    I’d be careful calling people thesbians. I had to google that, and I suppose you meant thespian.

    I still have to watch games 3 and 4, but I have to say I’ve been well entertained by the series. Thank you!

  12. Bah. I was trying to further confuse them with the hybrid spelling of thesbians. Or was I…

    Thanks for the words. To answer a few inquires –

    Spine of Ish Sah is not an autoinclude bc you have a lot of mana – I have no way beyond Glissa to abuse it and that is not a good one. Desert Twister… I mean, I feel like have answers to anything that doesn’t have legs and I outclass most of those pretty handily in stature and number. Karn isn’t as good as people think – walkers are just marginal in this format. I’d rather hulk it out more with another fatback.

    I had fun doing this little subseries. This week was for sure the bitch of the bunch, but it was kind of “fun” to not worry over every single solitary card and just play a bunch of good stuff – a strategy I have many times shunned, admittedly.

  13. The two cards aren’t comparable in this format; not with the tenet of sweepers of one-for-one. Cradle also can be a bummer in a slow hand. Wave = win. Cradle = one way to make a Wave win.

  14. I’m not off building my calvs for charity – they already are all build up.
    Plus I of course saw all the vids right away (aswell as the mono red decks’).
    Only I that I really don’t have much to say.
    The red one was kinda standard, except the gen and the green one just pwned face all day long.

    All in all good work as per usu.