Who’s Your Daddy?: Waterworld

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  1. While you are most definitely correct in your pronunciation of “Merfolk” can you please stop putting so much emphasis on “folk” or instead pronounce it as “foke” for ease of listening.

    Every time I hear you say “folk” I get slightly more angry, and eventually I’m going to hit critical mass.

    Thanks, keep up the good work Travis. Grats on getting out of your job, sounded way too stressful – not worth sacrificing your health.

  2. Next time dont record when your on crack.. you sound like a fkn drug addict no wonder you quit.. the outside world is hard and your deck is scum.

  3. lol is being a little harsh, but the first video is nearly unwatchable because you spend a large portion of the time typing into the sidebar, justifying your plays and overall, being kind of whiney and lame.

    I really like your videos, but you really got to cool it and just focus on the plays and not focus on what other people think.

    But seriously, recording on crack is not preferred.

  4. Good stuff. I don’t much fancy the deck you played though, I prefer the ones which do more broken stuff. Keep it up.

  5. Comments thus far:

    Mighty: I am a redneck dujour and hiding my regional diction is difficult. This is an instance where the donkey and cart leaps to the fore and exposes me for what I am.

    lol: I guess your poorly typed/constructed comment was an insult? Your mama?

    crewman: I was indeed being a tiny biotch in game 1, but I thought it humbling. Let’s be honest, at one point or another, peeps get all baby tears and shizz in game. Esp. in this format. But yeah, not flattering.

    Korla: I wanted to play a less broken deck. I have had a lot comments on throwing something together and slinging; this was it. I didn’t show ya how we got there, but you got to see me play on basically no testing. I concede: I am not super proud of this deck, or these games–which were hard as hell to get. I felt a little rusty; my last vid was the gibberish one. I just wanted to get something up so I could coordinate people for Gencon-age.

    On the whole, I have played this deck a few times more and think Talrand is actually a beating. I shouldn’t have “gone all mermaid.” Rocking control with this peterhead is decent indeed.

    I will have more info on where Kuehl and I will be at Gencon shortly. We will have cubes galore, prob some commander builds, fat girls, and free ipods (psyche). Def will be in the New Games room with the Angry Duck Games fellas. Def stop by their table: Z101 is a beating and def gives a big nod to Magic.

    Anybody going? You can insult me in person and second guess yourself when you see how burly I am.

  6. As someone who is so in love with EDH and knowing that players do bitch about plays, it is just hard watching a video where someone is adding to that stereotype.

    It’s especially hard when there is such a lacking of quality EDH videos online.

    When I play, I shut down the sidebar and just play. Sure, they bitch and moan and quit, but at least you know that you can have a quality game, publishable for the interwebs.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. I do like seeing decks that are a little off the beaten path.

  7. Travis: Honey I have to quit work.
    Wife: How come?
    Travis: I am now addicted to crack cocaine.

  8. Thanks for the vids! I was entertained, as always. I like that you’re constantly calling people out on dumb plays. Sure, it probably irritates people, but it helps to pass the time while waiting 20 mins for a guy to stop double queueing. Keep it up!

  9. Waka waka.

    I think it is my duty to occasionally post non-flattering vids. I win enough, but sure, I lose sometimes, too. It keeps me as honest as a sociopath crackhead can be, I suppose. It really does drive me nuts when people double dip. So selfish; so frickin’ rude. And please remember, some babbage doing this adds to the video time (for nothing). Therefore, I must mount my white koala and say, HALT!

    On another note, I tested my game INFAMY again today–one of the best sessions I have had thus far, without a doubt. Really cool game where 3 players were in contention for victory, one screwing over the other in this weird way where a fourth guy snuck and won it at the 11th hour.

    I am def looking for play testers next week, if anyone is interested.

  10. Next time dont record when your on crack.. you sound like a fkn drug addict no wonder you quit.. the outside world is hard and your deck is scum on said:

    Sorry I was such a douche; I actually love your vids and wish I could totes make dex as sweet as youres.

    Are you pretty tall? You look it like.

  11. That was unpleasant.

    Not sure what the intended content here was. If EDH content was intended… learn to play or deckbuild I guess.

    If you were just trying to be funny, I suggest watching LSV and taking notes.

    Puns = Funny
    Weird fake “accents” = Really annoying to listen to
    Boys = hot

  12. For bounce, why not play crystal shard? I find it pretty good when people tap out so they can F8 and then you drop the shard, bounce their bomb, and then counter it back on the way down!

  13. You constantly bitch about people and then ignore them when the other players try to help.

  14. You are very eccentric, that is hard for some people to accept I guess. I am an avid watcher of many videos but this is the first time I have read one of yours. Win or Lose I don’t think really matters so much in a casual format, but you go a little far on chat. You are very quick to snap call someone a moron or something derogatory. It’s difficult to watch a man in his late 30s using lame internet memes you would expect from a 15 year old kid. When you are the only one chatting in the MTGO sidebar for nearly 10 minutes straight there is something to be said about that, or not said I suppose.

    Overall I did enjoy seeing your deck in action, it has some very powerful interactions. It would have been more enjoyable without some of the things mentioned.

  15. Wowza.

    I can only really say 2 things here:

    1.) I explained and acknowledged my behavior in game 1. All this thread harping makes me think that you did not watch the video or read anything here, as there is ample info to support my awareness. I said I was humbling myself by posting these; I am very aware. You’re calling reproach to actions I take I inventory of 30 mins after the fact. Imagine that, magic players mounting a soap box with a pointed stick only interested when it’s their turn to talk.

    2.) 34 is not “late 30s.” Unless you are from a galaxy where you only count to 6.

    Lastly, while Crystal Shard is cool and all, but no synergy with Talrand. Snap does exactly what we want, albeit a one-shot. I def think this deck could improve. For those of you who watch my stuff regularly, this is a loose, quick build–as I explained. Is merfolk powerful in EDH? Nah. I don’t think it has what it takes to hang with the big boys, but it is fun. I have played a few games since, and it has some cool technology to it.

    Ya can’t win, yo. Take it from a late 30′s 15 yr old meme using crackhead without a job. For def.

    Oh, and “puns = funny”… I am speechless.

  16. That was hilarious, informative, off the cuff, and makes me want more. Content like this is awesome on this site, where other contributors try hard to offer quality content you give them boulders of genius–even when you are not trying. I’m saying this with the hopes you keep making more.

    PS: I eat fishsticks everyday. Why do you ask?

  17. Ok. I never post anything on the Internet, but reading this comment thread inspired me. Travis, I find your videos very entertaining. Your comments while waiting for others to play are almost always hilarious. You were clearly quite perturbed during game one with the dude double dipping and I can see why. Were you a bit over the top? Sure, and you acknowledged that. Good on you. Overall I really enjoy what you do and it is a shame that the majority of comments so far have been negative. Keep up the good work.

  18. You’re a fucking late 30′s 15 yr old meme using crackhead without a job.

  19. I was totally with you on calling out the guy who was wasting the time of people in multiple games, then you turn around and waste the time of everyone watching your video by crumbling a damn bag of chips or something into the mic for the next half hour.

  20. These comments are outrageous. Thanks for the free lulz y’all.

    Re: the deck.

    I have to be honest and say that the deck is not really my cup of tea (not huge on the whole symbiotic tribal shite), but I think it was fairly well made for its type and the time spent.

    Any da wayz, allways nice to see some new EDH content (and reading all these silly posts from the same person just made it all worthwhile).

    Keep it up, T-bag.

  21. Just wanted to echo what Anti-Troll posted. I thoroughly enjoy your videos, and actually watching your previous videos is what go me into Commander in the first place. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to create content like this, especially for Commander given how long the games are, and how much time there is between your turns.

    Keep the videos coming! I’m always excited when I see new content on this site from you!

  22. Dude, the two other players in game 2 didn’t know how to eject… And instead of listening to them you just kept whining and complaining. Take a step back sometimes and stop loving the sound of your own voice… Or in this case, text comments.

  23. This “week’s” vid was just fine.
    But Travis, I saw you playing a game of cube against Conley Woods on his channel on cf.com.
    Can we expect to see vids of you cubing anytime soon?
    The deck you drafted looked very nice too.