Who’s Your Daddy?: Zombie!

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  1. Ive heard others talk ill of this sets theme over playability and I must write, that if not for the theme / art of Innistrad, I’d never have began playing MtG. This set was a perfect for non-players to start. Myself and four friends were always the type to laugh at those people gathering to play this game. Now we sit around every so often and drink and play.

  2. Oi! Thanks for the comments and whatnot. It’s nice to get some feedback as opposed to the reticent silence you freaks seem to have enjoyed of late.

    Now then, allow me to illuminate a few things:

    1.) this vid was originally named “G’nyah!” after the zombie battle cry I make in the beginning of the deck tech. I had to rename the files after a few botched attempts to render them. I should have mentioned this to AJ and Kool, but, alas, I am at a resort in Florida and couldn’t be bothered. So, apologies for the bland title.

    2.) Now, knx, I dunno where to start. Let’s pick the correct article first: “AN intro…” Secondly, what you call “a intro” is in fact a deck tech, explaining card selections, overlapping synergies, the gamut. I can only assume you didn’t bother with this or you would know this, right?

    3.) Jim Jimson, I explain in great and labored detail why I took out Zombie Apocalypse in said deck tech. While I appreciate the feedback–good, bad or otherwise–it is a bit amusing to me how questions and suggestions are fired that have been answered.

    Remember, I am a genius. No stone is left unturned, the blood squeezed from them like goddamn deer ticks.

    4.) The spirit guy legend deck (Geist of whatever-the-flunk)… I thought about it, though I had no intention of covering each and every new general from Innistrad out of a sense of being thorough. Perhaps I will go there. On the whole, it seems like some sort of equipment fueled deck. Kool and I had talked about a few months ago.

    5.) Shane, I didn’t really think about it from a new player’s perspective; very good point. I guess my stance was that going into the horror genre seemed a bit behind the trend, so I was a bit confused about the accolades of the genius behind the themes of this block. I have no doubt it appeals to some people, loads even… but so does NASCAR and Jersey Shore and other such drivel (in my opinion).

    But that’s just it, isn’t it: an opinion (notice my article choice here, knx). Perhaps I am in a minority, esp. with my whole tirade about not caring what the cards depicted or if theme and function were in any way married. That’s just me, and, let’s face it, I am a grumpy ol’ bastard. So I encourage you, and others, to keep on keepin’ on and play, and drink, and LARP, or whatever-the-flunk it is people do outside of SCUBA lessons and collecting pogs these days.

  3. Lmao…nice, well written response. That’s why opinions are great, everyone is welcome to them and they are right to who it matters. I’ve never knew what EDH is, but your videos definitely peaked my interest in this format.

  4. strong answer, hitting on a typo… keep up the good work !
    Bit weird you didn’t know grafdiggers cage…

  5. I think the real point was you didn’t understand the difference between a deck tech and an intro. You took a shot at being a hater; you got moshed. It happens.

    Had you listened to the deck tech, I confess I have played very little since Innistrad was released, hence why I didn’t know the name of the card–I knew what it did. But hey, keep flailing, son.

    Now then, let’s work on starting our sentences with capital letters. After this, we can work on the proper use of ellipses.

  6. Seems like I’m the only one that downloads these videos. I mostly like to watch the deck tech only as you give great insight as to the card choices and you cover other choices you decided weren’t fit for the deck as well. These videos have helped me finding better cards for commander decks I never would have considered or even seen before. Thanks and keep it up.

  7. Dude, where is eXXa? I give the muscle man of might and myth props and he craps allover my mic and whatnot!

    Also, I checked with my co-worker, an aspiring hip hop artist, and he confirmed that the Pharaoh in fact resembles Kanye.

  8. Hi.
    I really liked ‘this weeks’ deck and I even got together with a friend to watch the matches.
    It’s amazing how many options it has and played perfectly I think it can be extremely strong.
    Maybe you should take another gen, since the deck itself is rather comboish and the gen is purely aggresive. (Did you even play him once?) But I can’t think of a better BU one right now. Maybe doing an Esper version of the the deck, using all those nasty zombie-clerics might work out.

    Sadly your opponents showed less resistance than a punching bag once more.
    I still don’t get why you can’t just play with some friends like Chris etc.

    Also: how are those board-game-reviews coming?

  9. Oh one more question @ walls:
    which card is eXXa?
    I thought Travis officially proclaimed prerelease Sheoldred as my look-alike card.

  10. Will you ever do a deck on Kithkin? I consider them the wee-belongs of the Commander universe.

  11. in response to why people ask questions for which you have already answered in the video. That would be because sitting through an entire video that contains your ill attempts at humor would drive a normal man to shoot himself in the @$&@!ing head.

  12. Josh, I don’t know what wee-belongs are, but they sound amazing.

    Greg/knx, I find that often these forums are used for hindsight one-upsmanship: had you picked this card then you woulda won the 3rd round of your draft! Obviously, this creates an entire cascade of iterations to take into account which rarely are mentioned. While this isn’t the case with this, or any of the videos really, that I contribute, I do provide a great deal of info and insight into why I build decks/play them the way I do. Sure, some of this info is hunkered down in what I, and many others, consider to be humor. I don’t expect everyone to like what I do/say/think, though enough do to warrant my continued presence here. And, when you subtract out the humor, I feel confident saying I have a strong grasp on this format.

  13. This deck was a lot of fun to build. Going further on the ritual aspect of the mana base, I decided to add mana vault and grim monolith. I found Wesley Crusher to be too clunky without rooftop storm in play.

    I’m not playing Living Death because there are too many decks in the area that are a better death deck that this one is, so I am playing Zombie Apoc.It also seems like the decks in my local meta are a ton better than the ones online. I think it comes from there only being like 12 ppl who play and they each make each other better as opposed to playing three rando donks with crapper decks.

    This deck is a ton of fun to play. I am a huge fan of Necrologia. It might be better than Ad Nausem. I fought playing the combo version with this deck, but with the decks here being so competitive, it felt very difficult to win without the altar/gravecrawler interaction.

    It was great working with you on this. I look forward to doing this more.

    Nick Little

  14. Thanks, Nick. Sincerely, had you not called up and set this whole idea in motion, I doubt I would have been inspired to pursue this general, let alone to the end result at which it arrived.

    Alas, there are a lot of weird/poor decks online. I hate to say it, but it seems a good many people do not grasp Singleton as well as they think. The disparity is simply, players that overkill with cookie cutter combos (Big Green, the Azusa deck being the biggest culprit), 5-color decks with zero focus (good stuff decks, which I hate, and is also why I refuse to build a 5C deck in this format; what’s the point?), people out to have “fun” who get mutilated once out of own their weight class, and then last, people who get it–though they number few. I don’t say this to be a jerk, but rather in lieu of a disappointing amount of research about decks being played, posted, and postulated as optimal.

    It’s a darn shame that most of the games I post feature a lack of inspired competition, but, in truth, I can’t tape 16 hours or more of footage. People rage quit when I, or someone else, plays a competitive deck. Petty game hostage taking is often a big factor of games I would love to share. Or, the deck just under performs, making the video not really worth sharing. I post vids of me losing from time to time, but in truth I don’t lose too often due to the lack of brutaloids out there. Many a person has asked that I up my competition, and I have tried, but it’s not so easy. Once Kool, AJ, Death Cloud, and myself sat down with the express intention of videoing a competitive game. What came out was essentially an issue of me having made a deck, a video explaining it, and then having three good players either maul me (making it more about their decks), OR, worse yet, feel obligated to let me showcase the deck, making the game feel artificial. Bottomline: people can’t know I am filming; it just makes for a weird/fake end result. So, unfortunately, this means I have to cross my fingers and pray for rain.

    Again, thanks, Mr. Little. I look forward to collaborating outside of my usual comfort zone. I am glad we are at that same juncture of wanting to battle uphill with style, and leave the cheese in the picnic basket.

  15. “Once Kool, AJ, Death Cloud, and myself sat down with the express intention of videoing a competitive game. What came out was essentially an issue of me having made a deck, a video explaining it, and then having three good players either maul me (making it more about their decks), OR, worse yet, feel obligated to let me showcase the deck, making the game feel artificial.”

    Yeah, that latter thing happened when we all agreed to let a Vorinclex resolve, and then one time James and I got into a counter war over Swordsing Chris’s Grim Lavamancer.

  16. Another in the long line of best commander videos available. What we he do next? How do you feel about a dedicated voltron equipment build? Something like Mistform Ultimus or Selenia, Dark Angel could provide both the unusual leader and something that carries the potential to be devastating. Grixis discard/draw grief-er can be amazing as well but I fear that it would be too close to the Sygg deck you have already displayed multiple times and wouldn’t be worth showing something like that again. Just excited to see what is in store for the viewers of the all mighty … Travis. Thanks again.