Windmill Slam: Dragons Draft #1

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  1. Match two, game one: I was mentally yelling at the screen when you passed with Douse up turn four, even before he blew you out with the pump spell. Yes, I know you can play instants on your opponent’s turn, and there are times when you want your opponent to use p their man on their turn. This was not one of them. You were not playing a control mirror, this was draft and your opponent was not blue. The creature had to die, and your opponent was tapped out. You had a removal spell that is negated by any pump spells, including the several that you passed in the draft. You have to kill the creature during your turn, before the opponent untaps.
    I’m just ranting because I have seen this a lot recently – people getting into the habit of ALWAYS using their removal spells on their opponents turn “because that’s how they work.” Yes, I know that sometimes you can get someone who is casting a pump spell or an enchantment before combat by waiting, but you passed on turn four with UUBB up, and your opponent had a creature that, left alone, will win the game pretty quickly. Your opponent is not going to play an aura into that, and you had nothing to play other than Douse on his turn.
    Chad Ellis wrote an article called “The Danger of Cool Things” back on The Dojo, which last century’s first and greatest Magic website (dead serious here.) The article was all about the dangers of trying to do something cool, instead of just making the play that wins the game. Letting him stack the bolster trigger and killing the creature with the trigger on the stack was a cool play, but killing it on your turn, when he was tapped out, was the right play.
    ranting aside, I do enjoy the videos. Thanks for making them – but could you choose faster opponents. A lot of the round one video was nothing but waiting for your opponent to finish making that sandwich.

  2. Only thing I saw that didn’t get mentioned in the video was that you could have gotten rid of the Illusory Gains by dashing in your Kolaghan Skimisher, since it would have switched to the Skirmisher and then the Skirmisher would have bounced back to your hand at EOT. Good series of games, I don’t think you could have beaten that GW deck even had the Douse succeeded.