Windmill Slam: Fall 2015 Legendary Cube Draft #1

Oisin and Denis draft a hot mess with this fall’s Legendary Cube.

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. so many absurd picks, makes me loose interest.. just check the end of each round to make sure.. but it was predictable…

    practice some more, or do some funny stuff.. but this awful drafts r not cool

  2. tuntun, if you think you can do better, why aren’t you providing some of that sweet, sweet content for us to watch? It’s really easy to belittle someone’s choices when you don’t even mention specifics. Don’t be such an absurdity. And besides, it’s not like the cube is a paragon of finely-tuned archetypes and synergies. Everybody’s deck in this format is a dumpster fire. Some of them just happen to be burning more leftover Italian food than hospital waste. At least their draft and commentary was entertaining, and at least it’s not behind a paywall. Thanks for the vids, guys! Glad I got to see you guys tackle this ridiculous cube!

  3. Shoku.

    I have other priorities…

    I like their videos, thats why i started to watch this.. but this one was a pain to watch.. and if u couldnt see the awful picks (wich r more then 15) than i dont care about your oppinion..

    again, i like the videos in general, but this… OMG

  4. tuntun, I believe you missed the point. Its not that you have to make videos yourself, its that if you’re going to call something crap, at least say why its crap.

    Additionally, this cube in and of itself *is* something funny. That’s the point. I made an Abzan graveyard deck 3 times and it was hilariously entertaining for me. The theme of “legendary” is such a non-theme that you make a ridiculous pile and see what happens against someone Else’s ridiculous pile.

    If me being bad at magic means you don’t care about my opinion on an entertainment product, then there is nothing I can do about that, but perhaps if you are the lone voice proclaiming something is awful you are the one who is misguided/misjudging. Then again, perhaps not. But you should at least be open to the idea.