Windmill Slam: FKK Draft #4

Denis runs solo in this week’s Khans Draft.

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  1. Seeing that first pick made me register. This isn’t the first time that seeing solo drafts from you guys has made your quality take a nose-dive, but I am completely amazed that you overlooked Reality Shift for Bathe in Dragonfire. How is instant speed exile that gives someone a manifest not better than sorcery speed 4 damage to a creature? It’s one of the best removal spells in the set, and it gives blue more options than it typically has. And looking at your followup picks, it would’ve given your deck more variety in removal as you managed to 2nd pick a great blue creature and third pick another Bathe.

    When you don’t have Oisin there to bounce off of you for humor’s sake or to help each other to not miss better picks, your videos suffer tremendously. I say this as a fan of your stuff.

  2. Maestroso88: Honestly, I think your evaluation of Reality Shift being better than Bathe in Dragonfire is just simply wrong; at least it FRF/KTK/KTK. There are simply too few targets a Bathe won’t kill and leave the opponent with nothing that Reality Shift would be able to deal with. In FRF/KTK/KTK Reality Shift is like a 5-7 pick sideboard card against a deck that relies on one or two huge bomb creatures to finish the game.

    Asking how a 1-for-1 removal spell is better than a card that by default is a 1-for-0 in the hope of downgrading their deck’s biggest threat should sound alarms in the head of anyone who plays the format. One of the biggest threats the opponent had was a 3/4 naga. Is killing it better or is giving him a 2/2 that might be a surprise bigger creature?

    I will agree that the solo drafts are distinctly lacking in Windmill Slam flavor and Denis sounded particularly flustered/rushed in his commentary this installment. I don’t think his picks suffered though; it was a solid draft- the issue was play management and I really think m1g1 the starting 7 was a rather easy keep. 4 spells 3 lands; sure wrong color but a Bathe is a likely first or second spell anyway and you have 2 draw steps to find red. Every spell in hand was (X)(R) as well meaning any mountain over the first 2-3 draw steps pretty much makes your hand live. You’re more likely to draw a mountain over 2 draws than you are to get a better hand in the dark going to 6. I’m all for aggressive mulligans but that was particularly ambitious.