Windmill Slam: JBT Draft #3

“The draft is a crapshoot, so I’ve been very fortunate to be drafted by the Yankees.” – Derek Jeter

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  1. I love when people complain about ‘lucky top decks’, it’s such a petty argument. You picked a card in the draft and have chosen to run it in your deck because you recognise that it’s a good card, or it interacts well with other cards in your deck, or you sideboarded it in because it does well in the specific match-up, etc. Whether you draw it off the top or have had it in hand since the start of the game, the fact that the exact card needed to win in the given situation is in your deck was a strategic decision. If you choose to run a card in your deck, you deserve to be able to draw it.

    People need to be less bitter and not take themselves so seriously.

  2. Top decks are a part of Magic (as is the coming beta for all of us)!

    Nice videos guys!

    Last opponent just kept walking into it though – he definitely misplayed that last game quite handily – always bolt the heroic guys when you get a chance and never attack into 4 open mana with your opponent playing plains!

    Word of warning for the upcoming Vintage Masters – don’t attack into 3 open mana with opponent playing green – the 3/4 flash/echo gorillas are in that set – many people will get surprised by that a few times before they learn!

  3. @Xarboth,

    While top decks are a strategic decision, and it’s annoying when you know there’s like, 1 card out of the remaining 20 in the opponents deck that would make them win, and they do draw it. In this case you know you positioned yourself to win 95 times out of a 100 and you can be happy as a player because you probably played well… but it’s still an annoying way to lose.

  4. Go to, see windmill slam have posted a draft, watch said draft, read comments, see Kezzerdrix has commented, lampoon Kezzerdrix, go eat delicious sausage. QUIT

  5. Kezzerdrix isn’t a real person, it’s a pseudonym used by magic trolls. Maybe there was once a real Kezzerdrix, but now you only ever see people pretending to be him.