Windmill Slam – KTK Draft #1

“The older you get, the better you have to draft, the higher you have to kick, the harder you have to work.” – Salman Khan

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  1. Ugh, Ghostfire Blade is arguably the best rare in the set. No one ever has a way to remove it and in a set with few removal spells it’s a nightmare to deal with. You instantly started comparing it to the old equipment which screwed up your judgement of the card. This is a much different limited format. I could maybe understand taking an incredible uncommon, but a 2/1 for 2 that can be picked up in multiples later in the draft?

    I’m sorry for the long rant. You guys are entertaining and make a fun team. That pick just bugged me.

  2. Has there been a mistake, or did they just recycle the same draft they already posted to their YouTube channel on Sunday? Lame…

  3. The fact that people can have very different card evaluations is probably indicative of an interesting set. I disagreed with almost every pick and argument :) Heir of the Wilds is at least on the same powerlevel as the 2/3 and it lets you stay in one color. Hateblade is better than the 5/3 morph. A red 2/1 that can sometimes be a 3/2 is not a huge signal, and the Ruthless Ripper is just a better card. Longshot Squad is not an unplayble, it’s one of the better green commons.

    @Randall, Ghostfire Blade is the best rare in the set? You can’t mean that.

  4. Sorry everyone!
    There was a mistake and I submitted the wrong videos. The correct ones have been submitted and they should be up soon. – Denis

  5. Agreed with Martin @ the card evaluations.

    I’m always amazed at how opposite our thoughts are. I didn’t watch the draft completely yet, but I’d totally have gone with the Heir as first pick, and I stopped when you moved the green out and in and out again ; that almost killed my green-loving heart and I had to stop the video.

    You already had a good power-level, and there were good cards still passing around (bear punch f.i), I think i’d have gone abzan (why not splash red) or even four colors – you had a chance to pick a green red fixing instead of an average card, in that set it’s really not too much of a both to dip in a fourth colour if you priorize fixing well enough, which you started doing early.

    Anyway, i’ll watch the rest later to see how it turned out, but seriously, this difference in card evaluation and also between both of you often annoys me ^^” (as one of you two even acknowledged in the vid – you often end up somewhere in the middle and it’s kinda sad)

  6. okay REALLY, again not even mentioning the SECOND raider’s spoils as you are going WARRIORS. I am not sure if i can even watch the rest of this draft, this is really painful so far, the card you are obsessed wth, the 4 mana 3/3 that floats mardu for raid, is like a 22/23rd card, that i pick almost anything else over btw nvm i cant finish it lol, hopefully by the next draft you guys have played enough to have more solid evaluations

  7. Yeah I’m gonna start off by saying that you guys are entertaining and usually provide good content.

    But yeah…as the above posters pointed out you guys just seriously need more experience with this format. No reason for 2nd pick morph, Longshot squad is not “so bad” as you stated it’s one of the better green commons. The 5/3 morph and the 3/3 for 4 that adds Mardu mana till EOT are cards that normally walk tables. Furthermore I’m also not sure why you like the hordechief so much either.

  8. This must have still been early in the pre-release portion of KTK. I think everyone has figured out quite a few things:
    1. Ghostfire Blade is great in every deck – not just morph decks.
    2. Trail of Mystery is first pickable if you want to go 4-5 color morphs.
    3. Raider’s Spoils is a key card for any warrior/token deck – it’s a Chief of the Edge for every one of your creatures!
    4. Heir of the Wild is a great reason to go green!
    5. Any outlast lord is good in any deck – you don’t need a bunch of them to synergize – they are great on their own as well.
    I am sure even a few days later they would have drafted this deck quite differently!

  9. Clearly they were drunk/high when doing this draft. Leaping master over a colourless rare that gives +2/+2 coz we dont have enough morphs. It wasnt even like midway through pack 2. And not taking heir of the wilds….

    Mardu warshrieker is also not that good…its fine. but over a throttle or good removal spell? zzzz

  10. You guys are cute in your banter but the Mardu tard driving the draft is a frigin mong delux, how can you pass ghost fire blade? +2+2 equips own every format of limited ever! Vomit in mouth

  11. Ouch. That was a tough draft to watch. “I don’t think our deck is very good.” I agree.

    While I think the Heir of the Wilds was a better P1P1, an argument can be made to go with the Chief if you go into the draft planning to commit to the WB Warriors deck. It seemed like you wanted to, but you got too focused on red. The War-name Aspirant was not a signal. If it was a Mardu Heartpiercer, that would be a signal because it’s one of the best uncommons in the set.

    Passing the first Raiders’ Spoils was wrong. It provides you with card advantage and pump your warriors, acting as the other Chief.

    Ghostfire Blade >>>>>>>>> Leaping Master. Ghostfire Blade gains extra value if attached to a morph, but is amazing on its own. Nobody plays main deck Naturalize or Erase. Once Ghostfire Blade hits the table it’s very hard to deal with. T1 Ghostfire Blade, into a T2 Chief of the Scale, T3 equip make a 4/5, T4 Bellowing Saddlebrute may seem like magical christmas land, but it cost me a first place win in a draft.

    Even if you were dead set on passing the Blade, the SECOND Raiders’ Spoils would have been a better choice over Leaping Master.

    You could have easily stayed WB Warriors with a minor red splash for the Arrow Storms for a much more consistent deck.

  12. “@Randall, Ghostfire Blade is the best rare in the set? You can’t mean that.”

    Well first I said “arguably”, and yes I do mean that. Maybe you haven’t had a chance to play with or against it, but it’s an absolute powerhouse for any deck in this format. It has far more effect on a game than pretty much any rare in the set and there are almost no answers to it pre or post board. Once it’s down, your opponent has to play around it for the duration of the game. Very few rares have that sort of effect on the game.

  13. Such horrible evaluation of cards, I simply couldnt bear to finish the videos. Your themed drafts are entertaining and all, but I cannot imagine recommending anyone keen on improving their limited play by watching your videos. Just soooooo many (down right) wrong picks(LEAPING MASTER OVER GHOSTFIRE BLADE???? *facepalm*), i was getting more frustrated than actually enjoying the videos.

    Stick to entertainment videos, making “super best friends” or “morphing time” or whatever but because clearly you guys cant educate.

  14. So… wasn’t this going to be updated at some point to not be the draft that’s already on your youtube channel?

  15. Everyone who is complaining about picks – what exactly are you expecting from this video? This is two amusing guys messing about. It’s not LSV.

    You don’t watch Saturday Night Live and complain that their news coverage wasn’t good.

  16. Stopped watching after 7 picks or so. This was just so bad it hurt to watch. People watch these things to pick things up and improve their game. Watching this would help achieve the opposite. Sorry guys, it sounds like you were having fun and all but this was just terrible.