Windmill Slam – KTK Draft #3

“Limited is something very individual, very personal, and in their own unique way, I believe everyone is Limited.” – Salman Khan

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  1. Just checked the drafting so far, liked it overall.

    Just one pick where I strongly disagree: you picking the second morph golem. This guy was heading straight to the sideboard, while you could’ve taken a Dazzling Rampart. This card is rather good (although not amazing, I’ll gladly admit that) but it’s value is raised by quite a bit when you have a kin-tree invocation. Good way to make good value of it if you draw it a bit late.

    I might also have gone Archer’s parapet instead of debilitating injury (because as you said right after, your removal was not as bad as you thought), and besides giving inevitability, it works wonders with kin-tree invocation, but I think both picks were valid and yours probably even a bit better.

    *watching the matches now, curious to see the deck perform*

  2. I agreed with most picks, but I think taking kin-tree invokation was a mistake. Your deck misses the cards like Archer’s Parapet or Dragon’s Eye Savant that make it good and in your deck it’s quite the liability as you already have tons of creature-dependant cards.
    As a first pick I would have taken Feat of Resistance, but I think the Armament Corps is fine as well.
    Match 1 Game 1 I think you made playing mistakes, e.g. you should have just used the Invocation as long as you still could.

    Didn’t watch match 2 or 3, but I liked the draft this time.

  3. Not even a mention of the Hardened Scales? That is a super fun card in the Abzan counters deck.

  4. totally disagree….. Kin tree is an excellent card that does not need to be a massive drop. playing a two mana 3/3 or 4/4 is good even if it requires some setup… being able to apply pressure on board and hold up mana for combat tricks is vital to the mid game.

  5. Ok, finally watched all the matches, they were good :)

    I agree with Kabel about the end of R1G1, it’s a mistake to attack while you even suspect a Force away ; had you played the kintree instead you had a blocker for the next attack and had one more draw step. Granted, it had little chance of making a difference, but one never knows!

    Cool deck in any case!

  6. Really nice drafts and well played games, though I have to say your opponents did make winning an easier job for you than it should have been :P

    There’s one pick I slightly disagree with, and one misplay in the first game:

    THE PICK: your second pick should have probably been the 2/3 outlast guy over the abzan guide. Reason being that while the guide is powerful, morph creatures are rather interchangeable, since often you will play them face down and they die to removal or you have to trade them off – in which case it doesn’t matter WHICH morph you cast. The Tuskguard captain however is a super solid and efficient creatures that is bigger on turn 5 than the guide is, after putting less mana into it. Additionally, even though you first picked an abzan card, you are not married to the clan yet and might find yourself not playing the first pick or even splashing it in some other deck. So the Captain, who is only green, is going to more consistently be in your deck than the guide.

    The play I disagree with was in the first match – casting a debilitating injury on turn three instead of playing a morph, game 1. Playing a morph is better because it allows you to use your mana better and use turn 4 to cast debilitating injury and outlast the bondkin. Plus, morphs are not very intimidating before turn 5, so killing the morph on turn 2 or 3 is almost the same. Finally, the opponent might have played another morph on his turn 4, and usually people play the weaker morph first, so you could have targeted a creature more likely to be good by using the injury a turn later.

  7. I agree with carrot 100% as after a first pick armament corps your still only 70% to go play the corps as its good but not absolutly insane. still your deck was sweet

  8. does the tower shell become any more of a consideration with kin-tree invocation? playing 2 mana 9/9′s seems good

  9. Man, those were some pretty insane games, although your opponents were a little weird those matches.