Windmill Slam – Legacy Cube Swiss

“I do not truly consider myself an icon, but the Cube has been quite successful.” – Erno Rubik

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  1. Hey,

    Pretty sure 12 burn spells mono red splash white for helix and charm is way better than sometimes having double white, and then sometimes after having double white attacking with an ok 3 drop

  2. what a terrible first pack.. geez…

    taking and banishing light then passing a arid mesa for a fanatic =/

    passing rishadan port to take a unplayable..

  3. You could have run the Tundra as one of your plains, which could havee been searched up by your Scalding Tarn.

  4. @Sam Roads
    Especially since they’re both low skill noobs who shouldn’t be on a place called “Academy”.

  5. Okay, could someone explain the reason behind picking Skullcrack over Madcap Skills? It seems to me that Skullcrack will always deal 3 damage, whereas Madcap Skills will, generally at least, deal a minimum of 3 damage, possibly more, or will often at least result in the ability to trade a creature for 2 of an opponent’s creatures. Not to mention the fact that he was saying the whole time that he wanted equipment, and madcap skills being pretty similar to an equipment card. He even said right after that pick that Madcap skills would have been good in the deck, but he still picked, essentially, an overpriced lightning bolt over it.

    Don’t even get me started on passing archangel and two different Ajanis in a deck that wants to boost power. Warhammer was reasonable, since it might have wheeled.

    I’m not usually the type to complain about stuff like this but, if you didn’t want to make a white/something deck focused around buffing your creatures, then you shouldn’t have said you were trying to. Make a plan, stick to it, and don’t try to draft burn in the same video as saying that burn isn’t a viable strategy.

    I haven’t actually watched the games yet, but I wanted to say this while it was fresh in my mind. Gonna go back to the videos now.

  6. Oh anonymous, you’re always the most friendly. I like my entertainment funny and less predictable thank you :)

  7. Did you ever play Skullcrack at all, Anonymous? The damage is just a plus, the best thing about the card is preventing your opponent from gaining life, which wins you lots of games with some matchups if you do it at the right moment.
    My only complaint about this draft is adding Mirran Crusader to it. Double white 3-drop in what’s basically a mono red deck? Uh…that sounds like a terrible idea.
    Seeker is also a little bit cute. I would have limited the splash at just Boros Charm and Helix.