Windmill Slam: M15 Draft #2

“It gives me goose bumps and little butterflies in the stomach when I start thinking about the Windmill Slam.” – Novak Djokovic

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. While you did wind up getting a divination one pick later, I think the first divination is certainly better than a second brood keeper…

    Other than that, fantastic draft! you guys are a good combination of fun and good at the game. Watching you draft and play is both valuable and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  2. Gotta love the Swiss at this point in the life cycle of a set! The decks, the plays, the conversations! Love it for the laugh values!

  3. Seriously, your opponent has the one card that could possibly stop you in the whole set, and it’s unplayable, but he’s playing it anyways and beats you with it.

    He’s probably going to get all results oriented and play it again though, thinking he’ll get wins with it in the future as well. Most games though, that cards just going to be a complete brick.

  4. you never know, your last round opponent could have ended up with a train wreck, and played the best deck available to him, I highly doubt it but it is possible.