Windmill Slam: M15 Draft #3

“In Magic it’s easy to get greedy – and one Windmill Slam doesn’t feel enough any more.” – Samantha Stosur

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  1. cv cold have been mathgeek for coefficient of variation? Complaining about the shuffler? Not sure what nb would be in that context though.

  2. nb – nota bene – “note well” – but I think in this case he was going for “newb”
    Not sure what CV could refer to – curriculum vitae – newb?

  3. So the “consensus” (if you could call it that from two other posters) is that he was complaining about loosing to the random aspect of the game that effects everyone equally, and then calling windmill slam a noob for… winning?

    Reminds me of the guy who called me a noob for diabolic tutoring into gary to win a game.

  4. Apparently, “cv” can be clutch victory. “nb” could be not bad. Those work better if you mix them with curriculum vitae and nota bene though:
    Curriculum Vitae: not bad.
    Clutch victory, nota bene.

    Not entirely sure how those could relate to losing a game of magic though.