Windmill Slam: M15 Draft #4

“My core set beliefs revolve around the idea that we should draft to the best of our abilities-we should draft and let draft.” – Enya

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  1. Round 2 opponent was probably beatable. IF he had Hornet Queen and you could reanimate it. That made me laugh. And made me wonder what the people beside him were drafting. He had everything it seemed. Still, fun to watch, thanks for the content!

  2. Cheers for the video. I know the draft was pretty loosey goosey but I reckon you should have picked up that first spider.
    I never really thought about how useful a Grindclock is with the scavenger deck.

  3. Very fun deck to watch. Grindclock is awesome! I was a bit surprised that you guys so quickly picked your scavengers (picks 2&3) when they almost always wheel. One of those picks could have been covenant of blood which goes well in your deck. Also, it seems like accursed spirits were not quite what you needed. (they were never going to be the way you won a game).

    I knew someone was going to get hooked up when two sun blades got passed, but jeez! Three sun blades and three triplicates – that deck was insane. The scavenger deck is very weak against tokens in general so that matchup was pretty impossible.

  4. Pull his 4/4 from the graveyard much earlier to defeat the token deck. You exiled everything, turning it on.

    Love your drafts, never a dull moment.

  5. In case you’re curious, in limited, assuming you get grindclock out T2, the number is 4. 4, 5 and 6 all take 11 turns to mill them out. More and less counters take more turns. 4 means you get the most value if they have naturalise etc. (ie quickest mill). The sum is lowest value of (x) + (31 – x)/(x).