Windmill Slam: Magic Origins Draft #3

Windmill Slam slam the best 2-drop in the set before doing their damndest to cut the color in question to their left.

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. What wrong with you! You could have enshrouding misted the claustrophobic knight to eat his pharika disciple.

  2. Enshrouding Mist untaps a creature if it’s Renowned, you know. You coud’ve made use of that in match 2, game 1!

  3. Who is in control of actually picking cards?
    If it is the one who thinks meteorite is playable in this format, take the mouse away from him, and handcuff his hands behind his back. Consider amputating one or both. Invest in some duct tape to get him to stfu.
    Meteorite is utter, utter garbage.

    Also, Visionary when you need two drops, have elf synergy, is just so much better than a fucking griffin!

  4. Leaving another message, because I just watched deckbuilding (hadn’t reached the end of drafting before)

    You took out Disciple in favour of Auramancer? What the actual fuck? You have ONE aura, and it’s isn’t exactly premium

  5. I don’t get why in G1R1 you didn’t keep Knight back. It was pretty obvious that he was gonna play an artifact or an artifact token maker to pump the Ramroller, that would then hit for 4. Since he HAD to attack, you could have blocked and pumped Knight, killing it since you had first strike, while keeping your creature.
    There was no racing chance, since you just had a single, 2 power creature and your opponent was clearly attacking with a 4 power one AND was going to put on the board a second creature.

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