Windmill Slam: VMA Draft #1

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  1. Yawg’s Bargain is worth a few tix btw, def more value that that shit green

    also you two have drastically different ideas of what’s good.

    one of you has strong awareness of mana curve and removal quality/prioritization, but is awful with card Quality/synergy decisions and ideas

    the other understands card Advantage and threat density concepts, but is oblivious to the sequencing/colour requirements of building a curve or interacting with the opponent

    basically, one of you wants to tap out and attack every turn, while the other only wants to tap out and attack on turn 8+

    makes a tense draft to watch, like yin-yang pokin’ holes in each other

  2. the Yawg’s Bargain is only worth half a tick less than the Taiga

    imo shoulda money drafted both. idiots don’t understand how much this Vintage Masters shit is gonna be worth in a few weeks, let alone a few years

    people are all legit building their decks ATM, gathering the cards necessary to play the deck they want… once more people start playing, a meta will develop and endlessly evolve, expand into new archetypes with new card printings. brand new market, not even a week old and people are already pawning/selling–or even worse, not drafting–the valuable cards they’ll regret selling in 9 months when their friends are playing Vintage and they need 600 tix to get started

    not to mention hoarders/collectors who will eventually collude

    im at 31 vint masters drafts (4-27 record lol)
    lovin all the extra value

  3. How to use Counterspells in Limited:

    1. To maintain your superior board state
    2. To keep parity until the late game win
    3. To overcome your opponent’s most dangerous threats

    When your opponent in M2G2 went 1-drop, 2-drop with Shadow, based on your hand, you should have understood the race situation you were in on your turn 3. Review this. It makes no sense to hold up impotent counter-magic (graveyard was empty for circular logic) for your opponent’s third land drop when they’re playing a large number of 1 and 2 drops in their deck. Not playing your own 2/2 Flying White creature (to enable your 2x Battle Screeches–which is the turn-4 nut play for your deck btw, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t be playing to it, or at least be thinking of drawing your best card under such early pressure) and reaching parity puts you further behind on the damage race, which was compounded exponentially when you did in-fact draw the Battle Screech.

    basically you did the opposite of the obvious play and were punished for the next 2 draws. if you play the 2/2 on turn 3, screech flashback on turn 4, screech flashback turn 5 you win the game 2 turns earlier without even having to block (is how bad you could have crushed that race, if you thought about sequencing and draws in future turns)

  4. but the point is that you try to hold up counter magic on your empty board while your opponent beats your face during one of their early turns where they’re incapable of playing any serious threats instead of playing a perfectly fine blocker

  5. Please stop clicking Remove Auto Yields. I had to stop watching in the middle of the first game because it was driving me insane.

  6. “Curious about the price of a Magic Online Card?” Visits Mtggoldfish within the first 10 seconds of the video, lol!

  7. @rite, Bargain is worth 0.2 tix. If your record is 4-27, perhaps it’s time to stop rare drafting 20 cent cards :)

  8. Please do not take this the wrong way, but I am astounded that were able to turn what could have been a sweet white weenie deck into a weird seemingly-mediocre control-ish deck that I had trouble understanding the plan of and still go 3-0 with it.

    You had some lucky draws and made some good play decisions (as well as some poor ones), but it was a really fun watch in general. (although your card evaluation confuses the heck out of me).

    Keep it up guys, you’re really entertaining!

  9. Did he mean Yawg’s Will? It’s worth a couple. (Haven’t watched the vid to confirm which.)

  10. I understand the that it’s a nervous tick, but please stop the autoyield clicking. Like Dave above I just got way to irritated to continue watching the videos, which is a shame as I like your drafts. Otherwise I liked the deck and the interaction between you guys.

  11. Especially because you never auto-yielded one thing ever. There’s nothing to stop auto-yielding. Holy hell.