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Teferi's Realm $1.10

Teferi's Realm
Item Name: Teferi's Realm
Rarity: Rare
Set Name: Visions (VI)
Item Type: World Enchantment
Converted Mana Cost: 3
Mana Cost:
Card number: 44
Rules Text: At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player chooses artifact, creature, land, or non-Aura enchantment. All nontoken permanents of that type phase out. (While they're phased out, they're treated as though they don't exist. Each one phases in before its controller untaps during their next untap step.)
Quality: Premium
Artist: Alan Rabinowitz
Flavor Text: "Fire is dead. Water has killed him."
The Stories of Nature
Kind of Product: Virtual
Quantity in Stock: 0
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