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Delivery Information

Thank you for your order, or for thinking about ordering with us!


Currently, almost all of our products are digital products for the game Magic: The Gathering Online by Wizards of the Coast. They are NOT physical, paper products unless specifically stated otherwise, so you will need a Magic: The Gathering Online account in order to receive and enjoy what you've ordered from us. Information for starting a Magic Online account can be found on our tutorials page and on the official Magic Online website.


For more information or for questions, please email us at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com, use our contact form, or send a message to "Academy_OnlineStore" or "Academy_OnlineStore2" if they are online within the Magic Online program.


Digital Pickup


Please note that our in-game delivery account Academy_Deliverybot is NOT staffed by a human person. It is an automated trade bot that is able to deliver your orders at any hour of the day that the Magic Online servers are operational. Please check the classified messages in the trading area of Magic Online to see if Academy_Deliverybot is available for a trade. If it is, simply open a trade with it to claim your order! (You can read additional instructions below.)


To receive your ordered product, please log into the Magic: The Gathering Online program using the Magic Online account that you specified in your order, and open a trade with the account "Academy_Deliverybot". (A good way to contact a Magic Online account is by adding that account to your buddy list. Just copy the following into any chat window in Magic Online: "/addbuddy Academy_Deliverybot").


Important: Academy_Deliverybot will NOT open a trade or start a chat with you by itself. Please check the classified messages in the trading area to see if the bot is currently available to trade with you. If the bot is currently busy completing another delivery or restarting, it will refuse your trade until it is available.


WIth Academy_Deliverybot, you will need to perform two trades to claim your order. After opening the first trade, the bot will tell you if there are orders availabe for your Magic Online account. If there are, then the bot will request that you re-open the trade, and then your cards will be ready for you to take. During the second trade, simply take all the cards from your order and then 'Submit'/'Confirm' to complete the trade. If you have made more than one order with MTG Academy, you can claim all your orders at once as long as the number of items you've ordered is less than or equal to 400. (See below for more.)


Be prepared to trade for all of your newly-purchased items through the Magic Online trading interface. Right now, the Magic Online program limits each trade to a maximum of 400 items, so orders for more than 400 items will require additional trades. Thank you for your patience!


Paper Shipping


If you are ordering a paper Magic item from us, items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. A $4.99 handling and packaging fee will be added to any paper order.


Orders will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase if made during a day that is not a U.S. Federal holiday or Sunday. Orders made on U.S. Federal holidays or Sundays will ship within 72 hours of purchase.


We do not ship to hotels, motels, inns, hostels, or other temporary addresses because we cannot guarantee safe and timely delivery during your stay.


As always, feel free to write us at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com with any questions you have about the process, and a real human will respond to you. :)


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