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Q: After placing an order at the MTGO Academy store, will it be automatically delivered to me before the next time I log into Magic Online?

A: Not quite. MTGO Academy’s store is connected to an automated delivery account named Academy_Deliverybot. When you log into Magic Online after we have processed your order and payment, you can open a trade with Academy_Deliverybot to receive your order at any time. See our store policy and delivery information pages for details.

Q: How do I receive my order after placing it?

A: All of our orders, except for Bot Credits and Paper Sets, are delivered within the Magic Online game client by Academy_Deliverybot. For most orders, you will need to be logged into the program and be in front of your computer to complete the order.

Q: Whom do I contact to pick up my order?

A: Currently, we have an automated delivery account named Academy_Deliverybot. Please contact the delivery bot by opening up a trade with it in Magic Online. Note that sometimes the delivery bot is busy delivering other orders or restarting. You can open a trade with the delivery bot as soon as it’s done. Check the Magic Online trading area and search for Academy_Deliverybot to see if it’s currently available to deliver your order. :)

Q: Can I buy cards from your website with event tickets?

A: No, sorry. At this time our website does not accept event tickets as a form of payment. If you’d like to shop with event tickets, you may try trading our bots within Magic Online.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: If you order when Magic Online‘s servers are up (that is, when it is not under maintenance or downtime), you can pick up your order as soon as your payment is processed! Note that sometimes Academy_Deliverybot is busy delivering other orders, but it tries its hardest to complete your order as soon as possible so that you can sling those essential spells in the Daily Event that starts in 15 minutes!!

Q: I just ordered, but Academy_Deliverybot is not online. When will I receive my order?

A: Academy_Deliverybot may be restarting, and so will likely be online in a minute or two. If it isn’t, this may be a technical problem. Please email store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com, and we’ll try to take care of the problem and your order as soon as possible.

Q: How long do I have to pick up my order?

A: Generally, we will refund and cancel an order that is not picked up within 2 weeks, but orders can be cancelled prior at our discretion. Please, e-mail us at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com if you have not been able to pick up your order within 1 week of placing it so that we may assist with any issues.

Q: I’m trying to trade with Academy_Deliverybot after I ordered cards from your site, but it says I don’t have an order! WHY!?!?

A: There might be a couple of reasons for this. First, try removing your ‘chat’ filters within the ‘settings’ portion of the Magic Online client. Sometimes filtering out chat partners prevents the bot from being able to speak to you. Second, be sure that your payment through Bitcoin or Paypal actually was completed properly. We cannot deliver until Paypal has completed payment. (Feel free to write to us with questions, or to write to Paypal if you think the issue is on their end.) Third, it could be that you mis-entered your Magic Online username when ordering from our store. Fortunately for you, we offer a method to fix this: Log in with your MTGO Academy account, and then click on “View Your Order History.” On this page, click on ‘view’ for the order in question. From within this page, you will be able to modify or correct your Magic Online username.

Q: I entered the wrong Magic Online username when attempting to complete an order from your store, and now the Academy_Deliverybot won’t give me the cards I paid for. What do I do?

A: See the last step in the answer to the previous question. You can modify the Magic Online username associated with an order on this page. Just ‘view’ the order in question and change the username.

Q: I’m trading with your Academy_Deliverybot and/or Academy_Sellbot, but some of the cards or other items I ordered aren’t there! WHY!?!?

A: Sometimes Magic Online inconsistently resets card filters before trades, or when you log back in after managing your collection or building decks. If you’re looking for certain items on our bots but can’t find them, try clicking “Reset All Filters” in/near the search tab in Magic Online. If that doesn’t work, or if you’re looking for event tickets, Vanguard cards, or other products, be sure you’ve selected the “Other Products” tab first (right above the search field).

Q: I’m trading with your Academy_Deliverybot and/or Academy_Sellbot. It opens a chat with me, but I don’t see any messages and get no answer after typing in ‘help’ or other commands! WHY!?!?

A: Unfortunately the Magic Online game client has a known but unfixed issue that prevents you from seeing chat messages during trades when you checked the option “Chat Requests: Allow Only Buddies” in the “Account” -> “Buddies, Clan, and Chat” section of the game client. This also happens even when you added the corresponding bot account to your buddy list. Please uncheck this option before trades until Wizards fixes this bug.

Q: Your Academy_Deliverybot keeps saying that it has no fully paid store order from me. But I know that Paypal or Bitcoin have already deducted the money from my account. WHY!?!?

A: There are several reasons this might happen.

First, Paypal sometimes needs more time until it credits the transaction to our account and sends us a confirmation message. Because our delivery method is automated, this means that there is occasionally a delay because Paypal hasn’t fully processed the order or contacted us. If your order is not available after two hours or so, this could mean that we need to manually approve your order. Simply email us at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com.

Second, if you paid with Bitcoin, you may need to be patient. Bitcoin sometimes needs up to 1.5 hours (usually just 45 minutes) to submit payment confirmations from the Bitcoin blockchain. This duration is longer than Paypal’s in order to ensure security.

Third, you should check whether you entered your MTGO username correctly during your order checkout. If not, you can change it. See the corresponding question and answer in this FAQ.

Fourth, if you tried all the above and still couldn’t get your order, send us a note. It might be a technical problem, and we’ll do our best to quickly deliver or refund your order.

Q: How do I use your bots?

A: You can read how to use our bot chain within the Magic Online program here.

Q: It says that you have a certain number of a card in stock on your website, so why can’t I find it on your bots?

A: Our bots have a different inventory than our store, so occasionally we will not have a card in stock on our bots that we do have in stock on our website. However, cards that are in stock on both our website and bots generally have identical prices.

Q: Why do you not have a certain card for sale?

A: Usually, we are just temporarily out of stock. Our stock is determined predominantly by what our bots buy, and we will be restocked when the bots purchase the card you’re interested in. We unfortunately have no buy list posted on our site at the moment.

Q: Do you sell paper cards?

A: Yes, but currently we only sell paper sets, and only in limited quantities. You can see what we have to offer here.

Q: I read that I need to verify my PayPal account for large orders; what does this mean?

A: We ask for patrons with large orders to have their PayPal verified for our mutual protection. You can read about how to get PayPal verification by following the steps here. In addition to attaching a bank account, PayPal has a few other options that may be used for account verification. If you have any further questions, please contact PayPal customer support.

Log-in and Registration

Q: I registered an account but now I cannot log in anymore. What can I do?

A: Since October 2012, you only need one login account to gain access to the main page and store. You can now login with either your username or the email you used to create your account. If you only had a store account with us prior to this date, we had to set your username to your MTGO username (you can change that anytime in the settings). For the transition to the more convenient login system, it was necessary to reset some of the existing passwords. If you cannot login anymore to the store or main page, please simply click on “forgot password” and create a new one. Now you should be all set! We apologize for the inconvenience but believe that the easier login procedure has been worth it.

Q: I have problems or get error messages when logging in or creating an account. How can I report it?

A: If you experience any irregular behavior when logging in or registering an account, please help us by making a screenshot with the error and sending a short description with it to info[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com. This will allow our technical support to work as quickly as possible to help you.

Q: Will I get spam or irritating emails when I sign up for your site? Are there any costs for me?

A: Absolutely not! We hate spam as much as you do, and we will never send you any emails or sell your data without your explicit consent. Registration is free and fast.

Q: How can get I get a picture of myself/my cat/my biceps/Justin Bieber next to my posts when I comment on MTGO Academy articles and videos?

A: To do this, you must make an account at MTGO Academy, and also make an account at www.gravatar.com that uses the same email address as your MTGO Academy account.

Q: MTGO Academy’s Academy_Quizbot tells me I can get extra free cards each usage if I have registered an account at MTGOAcademy.com. Do I also have to join your clan? Why isn’t it working?

A: Having a registered account with MTGO Academy is free, and it should allow you to take an extra card each time you trade with Academy_Quizbot and guess correctly. (You are limited to one attempt per week.) You do NOT need to join our clan on Magic Online for this to work. However, be sure that you have registered an account on MTGO Academy and put your correct Magic Online screen name in the correct box when registering. When you trade the Quizbot on MTGO, this tells it that you’re a member of MTGO Academy! Thanks for registering!

  1. I bought several item in your store, what do I have to do once you have paid your order? Like the receipt?

  2. @Card_Theif: our delivery hours are noon to 9 PM US Eastern time- they will be delivered when you are online in that period!

  3. You guys need to make it very clear up front that you don’t have any automated fulfillment capability. It’s naturally assumed from the nature of your product that your bots will deliver the order after it’s been placed. Of course I wouldn’t have ordered from your website at 10pm on a Sunday if I had known that I wouldn’t be receiving the cards. I’d have simply purchased them from the bots directly.

  4. Drachs – so you know. Only Wizards of the Coast has the ability to directly inject items into an account. anyone else has to use the in-game trading system and from my knowlesge no one has a system for automated fulfillment on card orders.

  5. and in before someone mentions bots :) Yes MTGOAcademy has automated bots that deal with point of service as do other services but i was referring to web based orders :)

  6. “How can get I get a picture of myself/my cat/my biceps/my girlfriend next to my posts when I comment on MTGO Academy articles and videos?” has the wrong answer.

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