100 Card Singleton: Blue/White Control

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  1. I definitely like the updated list better than the one from the original article. I also want to tell everyone reading this that Travis is 100% right on Deft Duelist. Zimbardo and I had included him in this crazy Bant deck we were trying to create that used tons of evasive two drops, which were almost all gold and so we tried to use the blades like naya hushblade and such. That deck never really worked out but Duelist was amazing and then kind of fell off my radar until I saw him in the first version of this deck and have since been playing him, and he is awesome.

    I never thought of failing to find a fetch to get land tax active, definitely something to keep in mind.

    One thing I was wondering about Seht’s Tiger. If you are using it to blank an attack from aggro and kill a guy, wouldn’t something like Day of Judgment just be better in this slot?

  2. DoJ kills my guys, and doesn’t leave me with an attacker. Remember, this is a proactive UW deck, not a board clearer Permission style. Try the Tiger; it’s a severe blowout. Also, Tiger stops unexpected alpha strikes, something a sorcery can’t do; nor come down EOT against Control and start banging.

  3. Took the deck blind into yesterday’s PE and got T8. I think I definitely could have made T4 or higher but know that I played G3 incorrectly and made a small mistake at one point that didn’t really materialize until around 6 turns later.

    I played the exact same maindeck with Azorius Chancery over the Minamo, which helped in at least two games where I needed double white and never hurt me. I had 2 cards different in the side because I didn’t own Rhystic Study and I replaced Gainsay with Dispel. I ran Flash Flood for more red hate over the Rhystic Study, which did win me a match against red.

    I never drew the Wind Zendikon, except for a game where I pitched it to FoW, so I can’t really comment on how it performed.

  4. I have had to modify deck slightly due to gaps in collection but, this deck has been a blast to play with while being quite good (in a small sampling): I have 3-0′ed 2-mans with this deck (2 against goblins that were drastically unfair) and high win ratio in tournament practice room with it.

    I wanted to throw some cards out there to see if anyone has playtested them already

    Hokori (as orb 2),
    Calcite Snapper (which, admittedly, has been little underwhelming but originally thought could provide good off/def potential)
    Aether Vial (have just added to try out but have not drawn)
    Sea Drake
    Treasure Hunt
    Halimar Depths
    Tectonic Edge (wasteland 2)
    Fathom Seer (gush 2. or in my case, gush 1)

    Also, I have had mixed results with the Zendikon, but I could using it too aggressively but it has met more Swords/Paths than I would like to remember.

  5. Yeahm you have to play the Zendikon once you have control, or right before you blow up all your lands.