100 Card Singleton “Two Man”: Blue/White Ideal

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  1. I’ve tried probably 4-5 different build styles for Enduring Ideal as I really like the card too. I ran a 5 color version that also combined Oath of Druids in one PE and also missed on a T8 due to some poor play in round 5. Anyways its been awhile since I tried a straight UWr build like this and I like your build a lot.

    One card I noticed you missed or dismissed is Dream Cache. I find that I like it much better than Scroll Rack. Rack always seems pretty lackluster unless you happen to keep hitting shuffle effects.

  2. @PerfectPerfection – I was able to see the whole list during sideboarding. Not the easiest way, but it works.

  3. In game 3 im wondering if im thinkin right but when u had both brainstorm and ponder wouldnt the right play had been to brainstorm first so that you could could dig 3 deep as u intended then use ponder to shuffle away the chaff that u didnt want?

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