100%: Re-Death Reduxed

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  1. I’m kind of high on Undead Gladiator. If I were to pick up the deck I’d replace ideas unbound with it I think. Undead is just a nice hard to kill reusable discard outlet and has the benefit of being able to be tutored for against control in a buried alive package. It is a pretty slow engine but obviously it has a lot of synergy with the deck and the option of playing him as a beater is a nice bonus.

    I know Phantom Nishoba has seen some play in reanimator decks. If you find the need for some redundancy in targets that are good vs. aggressive decks he can get you some concessions.

  2. I like the Riftstone Portal as well. I had been playing Urborg to get mana out of Bazaar but had completely forgot about the Portal.

    If you are running Rotting Rats some other options are Merfolk Traders and Voldalian Merchant. I used to run both of those when options were more limited because of fewer sets. The printing of Recurring nightmare certainly makes them better like it does with the rats.

    I sort of miss Murderous Redcap from this list. It could be that I just like persist too much with Nightmare. It seems Man-O’-War basically takes his slot, which I can see because of the cheaper casting cost.

    I had been running Meloku in my Reanimator as a great castable guy that is powerful enough that he is not bad to reanimate either. Kazuul sort of fills the same role and is perhaps better in a deck like this, although I could see running both.

  3. another gem from portal three kingdoms is zodiac dragon. maybe instead of squee maybe as squee no2

  4. The Dragon is def a cool idea. This deck is tight, as is, and it doesn’t quite work as nicely as the last build in terms of being able to cast your guys outright, but it doesn’t suffer as much from the “too slow/awful mana” draws as it’s predecessor.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. This is truly my pet of pets, though I don’t think it quite stacks up in the now competitive field of 100CS. In some weird way, I take it’s occasional failure as a sign of success: people are wising up and not just building “good stuff” decks as much as before.


  5. If I am not mistaken Zodiac Dragon has errata preventing its abuse. I believe it only returns to hand if it enters the grave from play. It is completely broken as originally printed since it is an infinite loop with tons of stuff like Wild Mongrel.

  6. You are right. I wondered why channelfireball is buying zodiacs for 180$ looked at the text and then figured it would work as printed but in the oracle it is fixed you are correct.

    So why does channelfireball pay 180$ for it just because it is a PTK rare? that would be weird wouldnt it?

    i misread it apparently. It was 80$ I think. They sell it for 99$

    maybe they know something about a potential reverting of the power level errata (see time vault etc for reference)

    Would sure mix up vintage and legacy a lot if they return the zodiac dragon to former glory

  7. out of an article from Aaron Forsythe http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/daily/af127

    Zodiac Dragon / Rukh Egg – Printed intent was that these cards only worked from play. “From play” is merely clarification. If it didn’t say that, they would still only work from play since that’s the default. The text was added because the cards are (obviously) a bit confusing without it, and this is the modern template for this clause.

  8. thanks for the video, this is a favorite archetype of mine. Any chance you could post the deck list so we can try it out (without putting it together card by card from the video) :)


  9. I have tried out this deck and have had a blast playing with it. The only match up that I have had trouble with is the blue control deck, with a lot of counter magic. I would love to hear your ideas on how you play those matches, and how you sideboard. Thanks, and another great deck.

  10. Sorry for the lag in replying, guys. To get a list, just PM me on MTGO and I’ll gladly email you the list, or just take a gander at the vid, as I do a card-for-card breakdown.

    With regard to control, yes, this is the worst match by far. It’s all about your early game creatures (esp. Bloodghast), land disruption and exhausting their resources via the discard package in the SB and merely outdrawing them – which is no difficult feat with the surplus of card draw in the deck. But even still, the bounce, the counter-magic, and potential sweepers make this a very difficult match. In particular, I SB out all the anti-creature stuff: Kazzul, Thraximundar, even Flametongue. Garza Zol, Woodfall Primus, Sedris… these are your buddies in terms of big duders you want to stick.

    Board the Chewer if they run artifact mana. Then you have Pyroblast as a little bit of extra oomph.

    This is a difficult deck to pilot competitively; lots of tough calls, potential tempo issues, and random draws. But it’s def fun, and prob my fav deck I have cobbled together in this format. It’s def not it’s time to shine, like back when I used a variant to win a few PEs. With all the hyper Aggro dex, and then their antithesis (Control), it’s an uphill battle I’d leave to the Practice Rooms, maybe 2-mans.

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Expect some more deck tech vids very soon!

  11. Hey Travis, enjoyed ur video. Would appreciate some videos from some games you playing. On the deck.

    I play a reanimator by myself. If you interested in the list I could post it here or send it to you, dont know if I should “spam” it here.

    Some quick notes:


    +Darkblast (amazing vs aggro and filling your grave)

    +Terastadron (blowing up to 3 permantents is amazing or make 18 power on the table)

    +White Akroma (haste pro B/R, first strike)

    +Exhume (you have allways the fat guys in the yard)

    +Frantic Search (obvious)

    +Sphinx of the lost Truth (OBVIOUS)

    +Tombstalker (use all ur cylce card draw cards to get a fatti for BB on the field)

    +Iona (GG mono coloured decks)

    +Hellkite Overlord (8 dmg haste, yes pls)

    +Inkwell Leviathan (!)

    +Diabolic Servitude (Rancor Reanimator, yes pls)

    +Life/Death (reanimate for 2)

    +Ancestors Choosen (Just ridiculous vs aggro)

    +Vigor Mortis (4 Mana Zombify)

    +Bonded Fetch (looter with haste and better then the magus)

    +Waterfron Bouncer (bouncing creatures and get the fattis in your yard, yes pls)

    +Recall (get your reanimate spells back and discard your trash)

    so far…if there any cards which arent available on MTGO yet, sry for the suggestion. I play only in real life and magic work station.

    so far gj keep it on and post some game videos :D