MTGO Academy Announcement: Our New Bots are Online!

MTGO Academy is proud to announce that…


…our new bots are here!

Robots or ‘bots’ are Magic Online accounts you can trade with online to purchase, sell, or trade your online Magic cards. Most bots exchange cards for Event Tickets, but ‘bot credit,’ which you may accrue with a bot with which you trade frequently, can also be exchanged for cards. Bots are an important source of both revenue and inventory for Magic Online businesses like MTGO Academy, and their smooth functioning helps small but growing businesses like ours stay afloat.

Our official bots, which can be traded within the Magic Online program are







Academy_Foilbot and


They are running 24/7 with our full inventory. You can find them in the Classifieds, or you can add it to your buddy list. To do so, just type, for example, “/addbuddy Academy_Sellbot” in any chat window within Magic Online. If you are interested in foil cards, make sure to visit

Academy_Foilbot, where we have thousands of foil staples for all formats .

So what does it mean that we have new bots? The software was all developed in-house, and we’re quite proud of it. Trading will now be faster and more intuitive! All Academy Bots are “smarter” than our previous bots; they “think” faster and offer more well-articulated prompts!

Our sellbots only sell cards to shoppers. It will not buy cards from shoppers. To sell cards to us please use our Academy_Buybot or Academy_Buybot2, which will quickly scan your collection for cards it would like to buy from you before making you an offer in event tickets.

As an extra convenience, whatever bot credit you have with our sellbots will also be accessible when shopping with our budget sales bot, Academy_Budgetbot, which has been operational for some time.

In case you are new to purchasing cards within Magic Online, if you want to see the new features of our sellbots, or if you just want to watch one of our bots in action, check the below tutorial video in which ChrisKool shows you how to go about shopping with one of our sellbots on Magic Online.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to post in the comments section below, or leave us a note on our Contact page.

Academy Sellbot Tutorial

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  1. If we have made requests through the online MTGO academy store what bot do we get our cards through

  2. Hello Malum,

    if you are using our online shop here on the website to buy cards, you will be contacted when you are online for delivery. (You shouldn’t have to do the contacting yourself if you used our website store.) In case that does not happen, you can contact the account “Plejades” for delivery. For small purchases, we recommend using Academy_Budgetbot as you will get your cards instantly and can browse the collection directly in the MTGO client.

  3. Quizbot is taking a break until we have finished some other projects. It will be up as an improved version at some point but I cannot give you an ETA.

  4. Is it possible to buy the card deal packs sold in the Store, such as the goblin pack, elf pack, etc., with bot credit?

  5. Is there a card list for the bots so we can know what we have, so it’s easier to get to what we want and get it?

  6. So say I sell cards to academy_buybot2 then I receive credit to make purchases from any of your sellbots, correct? Sorry, I’m new.