Back to Basics: Chat Interface

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  1. I’m pretty sure the icon in the top of a chat box is the tip of a fountain pen, just so you know =)

    Either way, another good video for beginners, if not just for a few /join rooms that they wouldn’t know otherwise. Nice

  2. I liked it, but perhaps you could have informed about when the chat pops up when you hide it in the right bar. Is that only for private messages or something? I have no idea and I was hoping this vid was the answer.

    Also the MTGO Academy thing was a little obnoxious, hiding a pretty relevant part of the screen at some point. But I guess that can’t be helped :)

  3. i never knew the font and background color thing existed. looking forward to the auction room primer, since I don’t know how exactly to get a bot to list a lot for me.

  4. Huh, been using Modo for years an never new about the background and font change.

    The more you know!

  5. This is nice to know. After a whole day of staring at a computer screen with black text on white background. Changing the color to something nonwhite is nice.

  6. Yeah I’m trying to figure out a way to tie in the auction room into something else that happens to be relevant.

    Also, yeah, to be honest I mined the crap out of the chat interface for everything i thought it could do the day before, so basically, i knew as much as you guys a day ago :)

  7. Thanks for this video. I wish i had access to this when I first started on MTGO.
    How do you get two instances of MODO running?

  8. I’ll second that, months later, for Herby.
    Just how exactly does one get two instances of the client running on the same computer? That is my single greatest peeve about version 3.0. Not that I don’t love jogging back and forth all over the house to organize my cards between accounts…