Beginner’s Guide – How to Build Your First Deck

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  1. One thing you could also point out is that there is another way to view the cards in the cardpool and the deck in the upper right hand corner. I personally find it much easier to use the text view instead of the card view, but this is totally a personal preference for each individual. Nice work!

  2. yeah i have my card pool in text view and the deck in card view…i dont know why but it helps me for some reason

  3. -1 hellkite overlord an -1 lavalanche
    +2 nucklavee

    trust me its great warping over and over

  4. Outstandingly helpful! I just downloaded the MTGO client, opened it up, and my mind boggled! How am I ever going to learn how to use this? I thought. Well, it’s MTGO Academy to the rescue. Thanks for this very clear explanation! And thank you, KillerOwen, for the information about the text view option!

  5. None of the videos work for me :s I reinstalled even flash player , using latest version of firefox

  6. My biggest plorbem with drafting infect is understanding / learning when and how to eject. After pack 1 I had VERY little infect so I was looking to move out. I almost first picked Tumble Magnet over the Stinger for that reason.