Build your own Standard!

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  1. Since I forgot to mention it, for you budget minded players out there this deck if you take out the fetch lands and the 2 angels ,the main deck only costs about 8 tickets to build! :)If you have any comments, and or suggestions for the deck or video you would like to see next. Feel free to leave them below. Thanks!!

  2. haha, Sick! Very well played. I was watching that final game but wasn’t actually able to pay attention so this was a great way to watch it. ;p

  3. Great job bud! I enjoyed getting the in depth behind the scenes look of your deck and hope this spurs some other people to come out and try some new decks in the format. It was also nice to be able to catch the finals that I missed due to the 100cs tourney.

  4. I had my lands tapped out before the draw phase thus useing the brave the elements i drew was not an option and why i played that out like i did.

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