Building Blocks: Blue-Green Prophet in Theros Block Constructed

Lee shows off a Blue-Green deck in Theros Block Constructed based on Prophet of Kruphix that’s sure to do a lot better than his previous blue-black Ashiok nightmare.

Lee McLeod
@leemcleo on Twitter
Gard on MTGO

  1. Thanks for the content, still one of the only people posting block videos, so that’s sweet. The prognostic sphinxs and the boon satyrs seem a little on the week side to me, although I can see how their resilience make them good against control decks. I suppose taking out the spinxs also makes the Masters worse by quite a bit. I liked the deck, but your round 3 opponent just went completely over the top and that kinda seems like the thing to do in this format :)

  2. Yeah it’s pretty rare to find any content on block right now so thanks for this. It’s pronounced say-ter btw not say say-teer.

  3. Hi – watching w/o sound – but in round 3, game 2 – why play bident instead of polyK? You can drop PolyK, attack with him next turn, and monstrous him during combat and blow up his board b/c of deathtouch from the bow of nylea? You paid 4 mana and timewalked yourself playing bident….right?

  4. @Justin: Try the sound! :) In the video I was debating between Polukranos (began to cast it), then stopped and said that I just get completely blown out if he has Hunt the Hunter. So I waited until next turn (play Bident this one) so I could play Polukranos and leave open Voyage’s End.

  5. Haha, of course!

    I think you blew yourself out playing by bident, at least make your opponent do the work :) Thanks for the feedback, thanks for making the video!

  6. If you get a chance to play with Curse of the Swine, I’ll be curious to hear what you think. Seems like it would wreck so many of the most annoying creatures you faced (Polukranos, Arbor Colossus, Polis Crusher, Nighthowler, Agent of Fates, Master of Waves, hell, even Voyaging Satyr). Turning a terrifying board (Polukranos, Arbor Colossus, Polis Crusher) into a bunch of 2/2 chumps that can’t even fight through Caryatid would seem like an effective countermeasure.

  7. In the 4th round, when you gae prophet onto table, you’d better be sure to maximalize your usage of mana. For example by casting Curse of the Swine for 4 instead of 2, improving two of yours 2/1 elemental tokens into 2/2 green boars, that are independent of master of waves, (BTW, green boars can chump mistcutter hydras all day long)

  8. Cool deck! My only thoughts are that Wasteland Viper seems like a no-brainer over Sedge Scorpion, and without the ridiculous ramp of a mono Green deck, 4 Polukranos seems excessive. With Master of Waves in there, I’d be tempted to replace a couple of those with Master Biomancer. You might also like Simic Charm and/or Cyclonic Rift over Voyage’s End.

  9. M3 Game 2, you conceded too soon. Last turn: attack with Polukranos and the bow give him death touch. Once that effect is in play, monstrous him for 2 kills the opponent’s Colossus and Crusher. Still not in great shape, but you’re not dead on board and have a chance to draw out of it.