Building Blocks: GRw Monsters in Theros Block Constructed

Born of the Gods is finally out and about for Theros Block Constructed, so Lee digitally sleeves up Naya Monsters and pilots it into a Daily Event.

Lee McLeod
@leemcleo on Twitter
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  1. What do you think about gods willing for the wbr matchup? And loam lion? Need some help against all that removal… Also getting tired of loosing my voyagin satyr all the time.

  2. One thing I noticed is that so many scry lands makes your ramping ineffective in all matches. I wonder if more than 8 scry lands hurts you more than it’s worth.

  3. I’ve heard Mogis is in builds to keep planeswalkers in check. 2 damage that can be redirected to pw each turn (hard to remove) is sometimes valuable. Card represents both defense against planeswalkers and a threat if you can turn it on. In the round one game, it didn’t seem valuable considering a turned on Mogis probably means the opponent has two stormbreath in play, or something else that assumes he is already winning the matchup.

  4. The ramping isn’t really ineffective as much as it is less potent. The ramp still lets him play cards on turn and play 12 tap lands with the possibility of still playing cards ahead of turn with good draws.

  5. could’ve fought stormbreath with polukranos and killed him (the dragon) r3g3. might have made it in the end?

  6. sry meant to say i appreciated the video’s color scheme immensely(rgx). thank you!

  7. @P: God’s Willing probably isn’t worth a card, since I’m at best trading 1 for 1 for a removal spell and Scrying, but it requires me to leave up a color of mana I don’t have a ton of, plus I don’t really want to leave up mana at all that much. I’ve been trying out some weird things like Raised by Wolves (not good) to try and eke value out of a single card – I think that’s the type of card that’s good against WBR.

    @Chris: It definitely hurts the deck’s potential ramping, but I have found that it makes the deck more consistent. The old version just loaded up on 4-drops and went to town on turn 3. This version doesn’t do that very often, but you get Courser of Kruphix (which I didn’t get to play a lot in these games) which is incredible and often fills your turn 3 play in lieu of a four drop. Scry lands also make the deck a lot more consistent, in both colors and card selection.

    @Ryan: Possibly, but having Mogis – which takes at least two turns before it deals with even the weakest planeswalker (since it happens during upkeep) – just seems really weak and slow to me. I’m positive there are better cards out there that can answer planeswalkers than Mogis. Even the new BNG Phoenix seems like it would be a better card than Mogis – if Tribute, it kills their walker. If not, they will have to either try to play over you and hope that 3/3 doesn’t matter, because they’re disinclined to actually deal with it. Probably not the best since Stormbreath blocks it, but worth at least a thought experiment.

  8. @painkill3r: don’t see a point where Polukranos can kill Stormbreath Dragon in the video. The only times I can see Polukranos and Stormbreath in play at the same time is the turn immediately before he kills me, and I don’t have enough mana to play + shoot the dragon before he untaps and swings for lethal.

  9. my bad i was thinking polukranos fights x creatures when it actually deals x dmg. really liked the videos again, great content.